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Translation Contest Series No 8 [Copy link] 中文

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Thanks to our members' enthusiasm and thanks to the hardwork of the panel of judges -- expatter, jl2315 and seneca, the seventh issue of the translation contest is now successfully closed.

Now we present you with the eighth issue of this contest and hope more members could join it!

Note: Please try to write carefully, correct any spelling, grammatical and punctuation mistakes and check and double check your translations before submitting them. Thank you.

To post your entry, simply reply to this thread in the following format:
1. First speaker:
2. Second speaker:
3. First speaker:
4. Second speaker:

First issue:;

Second issue:

Third issue:

Fourth issue:

Fifth issue:

Sixth issue:

Seventh issue:

Entry for this issue will be closed on 10 am next Monday (March 12, 2012).

For general instructions of the contest, click here:

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1. First speaker: Did you read the news? Dozens of people took the mortgages to buy graves. Ain't you going to buy one?

2. Second speaker: I'm living well! Buying a grave for what?!

3. First speaker: The grave price is now even higher than the house price! For having a house hundreds of years later, you should get prepared earlier!

4. Second speaker: Christ! For having a safe haven later, I am not only going to be a mortgage slave but also a "grave slave!”

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1. First speaker: Have you read the news? Many people borrow money to buy cemetery plots, why  won't you go for it?
2. Second speaker: I am safe and well, what the hell is the cemetery for?
3. First speaker: The price of a cemetery plot is higher than that of a house. We should get ready early for the sake of a house to live in a hundred year.
4. Second speaker: Oh, my God! To have a place to live in, I have to be a mortage slave as well as a cemetery slave.

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Some good examples here of being careful with punctuation ........

Looking good ............     {:soso_e181:}

For others ..........


What the world needs is more geniuses with humility, there are so few of us left  -   Oscar Levant

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1st speaker: Have you watched the news that many people are purchasing graves by loans? Don't you wanna buy any?

2nd speaker: What for buying graves since I'm living sound and safe?

1st speaker: The prices of graves are now even higher than that of houses. You should prepare earlier, then you wouldn't be worried about where to stay in when you met GOD many years later.

2nd speaker: Jesus Christ! I have to be the slave of both houses and graves for having places to stay in afterwards!

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I'm still alive.

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First speaker: Did you read newspapers? Many people loan for a graveyard, don't you buy it、
Second speaker:I live well!Why!
First speaker: Because the price of a graveyard is higher than that of a house! You should make early preparation of a place for your afterlife.
First speaker:OMG!For a place to live, I have to be a slave to mortgage and graveyard!!

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