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10 Weird & Obscure Facts About Animals [Copy link] 中文

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Hoping to impress that cute dog walker in the park? Or just want to be the center of sparkling conversation at your next dinner party? You're in luck. We’ve got a concise collection of fun facts about the animal kingdom to keep any conversation going strong. Without further ado, here are 10 facts that almost nobody knows.

No.10 Certain Baby Dolphins and Whales Never Sleep

Ever seen a motionless baby whale? We didn’t think so. For the first month of their lives, newborn bottlenose dolphins and killer whales never sleep but remain mobile 24 hours a day. Similarly, sharks have no air bladders, so they have to swim constantly or they'll sink. On the luckier end of the scale are albatrosses, who can sleep while in flight. Giraffes tend to get a lot done, as they rarely sleep more than 20 minutes a day.

No.9 Ants Enslave Other Ants

There are ant species that make slaves of others. The enterprising insects will go out and raid the nests of other species nearby, stealing their eggs and pupae. These are taken home, and the unwitting young are raised as slaves, having to do all the foraging, cleaning and babysitting for their masters.

No.8 Crickets Can't Stop Moving Or Else...

Has your road trip been hampered by a 10 kilometer-long swarm of something you do not want slamming the windscreen? Looks like you’ve bumped into a chirp-happy crew of Mormon crickets. These Jiminys keep on the move not just to find food, but to avoid being eaten by each other. If one of them stops for any reason, it is likely to be devoured by some of the millions of its following brethren. At least it’s fast.

No.7 The Bone Mass Of Iguanas Shrinks And Grows

The Galapagos marine iguana not only holds the prestigious title of the only sea-going lizard, but is also the only vertebrate (besides Scarlett Johansson) known regularly to shrink and grow in body size. But we’re not talking getting fat and slimming down here. The iguanas shrink up to 15% in body length, losing bone mass. The following year the iguanas supersize themselves before getting smaller again, and so on.

No.6 Sparrows Get Jealous

House sparrows are a promiscuous lot, but the ladies know how to stay ahead of the game. A female house sparrow will often seek out the nest of another female that her partner has also mated with and will then kill the first female's young. This removes the competition for her man, ensuring he spends as much time as possible helping to raise her chicks.


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No.5 Only Female Mosquitos Bite

What do you think is the deadliest animal in the world to humans? Lion? Snake? Killer whale? Nope. It’s the mosquito. But get this: Only female mosquitoes bite; the males are actually vegetarian. Following this charming trend, female black widow spiders eat their husbands after mating -- that's how they got that name (oh, that and the fact that the venom of a female black widow spider is more potent than that of a rattlesnake). And next time you think your girlfriend might be getting a little chubby, consider that the female anglerfish weights up to half a ton. The male is only a few millimeters long, and spends his whole life attached to her nose. Can anyone say "emasculated"?

No.4 Only Certain Mammals Wage War

Humans, ants and chimpanzees are the only organisms that wage organized warfare. Oh, and possibly humanoid robots, in the near future.

No.3 When Hippos Are Upset, Their Sweat Changes Color

When hippos are upset, their sweat turns red. When ostriches are upset, the last thing they’re going to do is bury their heads in the sand. Most likely, they’ll run away at about 40 miles an hour or charge and attack. You’re hoping they’ll run, trust us.

No.2 Cuttlefish And Chameleons Can Both Camouflage Without Great Vision

Cuttlefish are the SAS badasses of the sea. They change color almost instantaneously to mimic whatever they're hiding next to -- and they do so while being completely color-blind. And hats off to the chameleon, which is still able to change colors to match its environment when blind. Hopefully, no chameleons were blinded in the discovery of that fact.

No.1 Nine Out Of Every 10 Living Things Live In The Ocean

Some experts estimate that 9 out of every 10 living things live in the ocean. Which is why you should learn to scuba dive. Speaking of fish, goldfish have memories that extend past five seconds, seven seconds or whatever you’ve been told. They can actually be trained and remember what they’ve learned for months, which is more than can be said for most humans.


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