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Do we still have to learn from Lei Feng?   [Copy link] 中文

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Lei Feng spirit has gone away.

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we should learn from LeiFeng, he is a good modle of the good social moral ,if everyone of us can help others as possible as we can , then the society will be filled with much warmth :)
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yes ,I think if you want to be have high quality people ,you only to do everything by you heart .Don't to break the rule of society
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To be honest,Leifeng just is a name 、superficial statement.It dose't have any well effect on citizen. There are still many people overlook the person who need help like xiaoyueyue .I hope Leifeng spirit could affect everyone really.Leifeng didn't disapeare!

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we should change our views before we perfect ourselves,there is long way to go ,and it takes conscientious,not compel.

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What is the "Lei Feng" ? What is "Lei Feng spirit" ? Why do such number

of peaple say they has gone ?Peaple like we who are browsing this

artical and making intense comments ,indignant or disappointed .Dose it

demonostrate that we are all hope that there are Lei Fengs ,"Lei Feng

spirit" is holding on ,or we be willing to be Lei Fengs? This is one

point .The second is that who concludes it has disappeared? What dose

this pronounce depend on ? Do they think Lei Fengs should do many great

charitable deed ,must sacrifice own interests ,donate a large of money?

behave to Move China ,only act to this degree can a person be called

Lei Feng ,can "Lei Feng spirit "be announced exisitent ?Should Lei Feng

be majority or minority ?Certain ,I think it should be majority and

popular .Actually ,the essence of "Lei Feng spirit" are just taking

delight in helping others ,contribute for collective ...all could be

some tiny things ,it's not difficult. Everyone can do ,more or less

dosen't matter ,as long as we do .If we hold this idea to view ,Lei

Feng is everywhere ,isn't it ?Lei Feng is not rare.Lei Feng is not gone

    Writter asked" Do we still have to learn from Lei Feng ?"Some

netters say "Lei Feng spirit "is disapeared .So ,it could be easily

replied:Yes ,we should .Because in some degree they are disapearing

.And even though we live in a materially world ,but in human's

associations we can't be sure that haven't trouble ,peaple need help

mutually.So we need Lei Fengs,we can be Lei Fengs ,we should learn from

Lei Feng .

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leifeng is a hero in China.he is famous .i think .everyone should learn the spirit of help people.but.leifeng is not just a name,it  stand for many people(.they are  happy to help to others.)though he is die.but the spirit still exist.and it can forever exist

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