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程门立雪 Chéng mén lì xuě [Copy link] 中文

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Yang Shi, a scholar in Song Dynasty, was modest and eager to learn and showed great respect to his teachers.

有一天,天空乌云密布,眼看就要下大雪了。午饭后,杨时想找老师程颐(Chéng Yí)请教一个问题,于是就约了同学一起去。到了老师家以后,看门人说,程颐正在睡午觉。他们不愿打扰老师,便一声不响地站在门外等着。这时,天上飘起了鹅毛大雪,越下越大,凛冽的寒风,冻得他们浑身发抖,但他们仍然站在门外等着。过了好长时间,程颐醒了,这才知道两个学生在门外雪地里已经等了很久了,便赶快叫他们进来。这时候,门外的雪,已经有一尺多厚了。
One day, as dark clouds loomed overhead; it seemed that it would begin to snow heavily at any moment. After lunch, Yang Shi wanted to consult Cheng Yi his teacher regarding a certain question, thereafter he invited one of his classmates to go along with him.  When they arrived at his teacher’s house, the gate keeper said Cheng Yi was having a nap. They did not want to disturb their teacher, so they quietly waited outside. At that time, large snowflakes began to fall and the snowfall became heavier and heavier. The freezing wind left them shivering from head to toe, yet they continued to wait outside the door. After quite some time, Cheng Yi upon waking up became aware that his two students had been waiting outside in the snow for a long time and asked them to come in at once. By this time the snowfall had already reached one foot thick.  

宋朝:(sòngcháo)PN. The Song Dynasty (AD 960-1279)
学者:(xuézhě)n. scholar; learned man
虚心好学:(xū xīn hào xué)idiom. be modest and eager to learn
乌云密布:(wū yún mì bù)idiom. (The sky) clouded over; black clouds gather overhead
请教:(qǐngjiào)v. consult
午觉:(wǔjiào)n. afternoon nap; noontime snooze
打扰:(dǎrǎo)v. disturb; trouble
凛冽:(lǐnliè)adj. piercingly cold; biting cold; bitter cold
浑身:(húnshēn)adv. from head to foot; all over
发抖:(fādǒu)v. shiver; shake
尺:(chǐ)MW. a unit of length (=1/3 metre)

“程门立雪” means to honor the teacher and be eager to learn.
1、    如果我们有程门立雪的精神,就一定能取得好成绩。
If we are eager to learn, we are sure to have good results.
2、    如果你想采访这位从不接受采访的艺术家,必须要有“程门立雪”的精神去打动他。
If you want to interview with this artist who never accepts interviews, you must move him with humble reverence.

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When you fail, nobody will help you except for yourself!( by )

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