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Gay lovers rejected at marriage registration on Valentine's Day Beijing   [Copy link] 中文

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On Valentine's Day, they went to register at the marriage office holding roses. But not surprisingly, they were kindly rejected as gay marriage hasn't been legalized yet.


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Life is what you make of it

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thats a sick disorder, and no good will ever come from it

they are self-serving narcissistic megalomaniacs without a thought, care or concern in the world about other people, and future generations, and the welfare of the country

they brought down Rome, they are in the process of bringing down America, and they will bring China to its knees as well

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Lono_Sainoa Post time: 2012-2-16 10:14
thats a sick disorder, and no good will ever come from it

they are self-serving narcissistic megalo ...

What disorder do you mean Lono?
They were right to turn them down. Gay marriage, not natural and why do they have to get married anyway. They can be gay, no worries, but keep it decent!

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Whoa... Keviwi.. hold it right there buddy

wait a minute, to be clear: China was RIGHT

homosexuality is a sick disorder

marriage isnt even on the table for homosexuals

they just showed up wanting to get married as an organized homosexual protest

and all its done is serve to make people think they will soon be getting married in China

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This post was edited by CVHuan at 2012-2-15 23:59

My my, why is it illogical that a person would happen to love his or her own gender? I do not consider that a sick disorder. People have different interests and fetishes and they cannot control how they are born. Love and attraction has many forms and there is no such thing as a right kind of adult human love. This is the 21st century and the old conservative viewpoints of many folks on this thread do nothing but justify discrimination for the sake of some old tradition. When it comes to marriage, it is not your marriage but theirs to dictate. Why does it hurt you personally if two men or two women passionately love each other? Getting in their way of official companionship is very very impolite.
Put out your right arm, hold back your left arm... <(=^.^=);

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well, I think it is ok for civil ceremony

but not marriage

just my 2 jiao
(beast ex machina)

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its a psychological illness

any thought to the contrary is perverse and degenerate

and its not helping anyone

they need help

there is no one who will deny that they are obviously ill, and need help

they are trying to mate with another male

at the very least its just retarded

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