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We "CORE" for you! Chinese bands wanted!《核在中国》乐队征集中 [Copy link] 中文

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核在中国  中国核乐队征集


Sum: If you are chinese band, if your music genre is core, if you've prepared english introduction for your band, then sign up now!

请注意: 大家在提交报名的同时请准备英文的乐队介绍,其中包括乐队阵容、成立年份、所在地、乐队重大经历/演出/作品以及一些关于乐队音乐或创作的背景。

General Information / 项目概况

The CORE IN CHINA (VA) compilation project is a non-commercial promotional compilation record scheduled for release in May 2012. Artists and bands of the genres screamo, deathcore, nintendocore, metalcore, post hardcore and various other ‘core-styles are being approached from January to February 2012.

Up to 20 bands from Mainland China, Hongkong and Macau are being show casted as the fresh and dynamic heavy underground from China. For each band, Chinese and English biography and song lyrics are being included in the booklet to enable international accessibility of the music.

《核在中国》合辑项目是一个非商业性的并以宣传为目的的音乐合辑,预计将在2012年5月出品。属于Screamo、死核、金属核、后硬核、Nintendo Core以及核类大家族的所有中国乐队均可在一至二月间报名。


Song Requirements / 歌曲要求

Song should be professionally recorded and mastered (if possible) and forwarded as high quality 256 kbit/s MP3 (stereo) file. Song does not require to be exclusively recorded for the compilation, but right for unlimited distribution (non commercial purposes only) has to be given to Rock in China. And we will keep the right for the final decision of song choices. If you are a signed band, please talk to your label or ask them to contact us directly.

Rock in China warrants that no profits or revenues are being generated from the compilation record and if donations (e.g. via bandcamp) are received they are being distributed equally to all participating bands and artists with only a 5% withholding by Rock in China for future projects.

报名歌曲需经过专业录音并做后期处理(如果有条件),以高音质的MP3格式(256b/s,立体声)递交。歌曲不必是专门为此活动创作或录制的,但是我们 需要享有该录音版本的所有非商业性运作使用和传播权利。并且,我们将保留曲目的最终选择权。如果你们是已签约乐队请先与所属唱片公司商谈协调,也可以让他们直接跟我们取得联系。 承诺,不会用该合辑进行任何商业性质的操作或经营。如果该项目获得第三方的捐款或资助(比如Bandcamp),我们除保留5%作为项目运作资金之外,其余受捐款项将均分给所有最终参选乐队。

Promotion / 宣传推广

To gain attention on the record and the participating bands the following is intended:

*  Interview with each band to be published on Rock in China (with subsequent distribution via Twitter, Facebook, Blog, Douban Site and Weibo, etc.)
* Updated Band record published on Rock in China wiki with all official band links (douban, myspace?, homepage, bandcamp, etc.)

The record is anticipated to be released online (for free download) on a variety of media to increase attention from international listenership Online plattforms and media include:

*    Rock in China (wiki / blog)
*    Douban, for archiving and promotion
* /, for archiving and promotion
*    Bunnywarren, for promotion and review
*, second biggest German online record review webzine with 20 active reviewers and over 6000 metal reviews online
*    Bandcamp, for distribution and storage of songs / booklet
*    Reviews on Painkiller Magazine and other Chinese music periodicals
*    A number of international blogs and webzines that are being approached from April to July 2012

Offline promotion in European magazines is anticipated but cannot be promised and magazines will be approached from January to July 2012.




*    摇滚在中国官方网站包括我们的Wiki和博客)
*    豆瓣 ,作于存档以及宣传
* ,作为在线试听/下载平台
*    Bunnywarren ,用于宣传以及碟评
* ,德国第二大在线音乐媒体以及音乐点评
*    Bandcamp ,作为合辑歌曲和歌词的储存以及发行平台
*    在《重型音乐》杂志以及其他国内外音乐类周期刊物上的碟评
*    另有一系列国内外博客和网络杂志将在2012年夏季纳入宣传途径当中


Contacts / 联系方式

Email: please set both of us in CC / 请同时抄送给我们两人 and

Douban Site:





Official Website/官方网站:

Official Project Page/官方项目网页:

Further Information / 补充信息

Beijing Daze on the announcement, January 2012

Courtesy of Painkiller Magazine China

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