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Why hasn’t China produced a Samsung or Toyota?   [Copy link] 中文

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re:SMITHI & magnetic1974

English has become an International Language.  There are probably more non white people using English everyday than white people.  

English is a language of science, technology, diplomacy, politics and trade.  Learning it is practical, there is no shame.

Western culture is very much the same as American culture and the world is homogenizing with a few tiny pockets of exceptions.  Walk into any office nowadays in any parts of the world and you will find office workers dress in suits.  Homogenizing the world is not necessary bad.

China being part of it and integrated part of it might means Chinese have more say to which direction this homogenized culture go.  I myself would like more Chinese romantic lead in Hollywood movies and TVs (as suppose to always either Jewish or Italians) in the Jewish controlled Hollywood.

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magnetic1974 Post time: 2012-1-29 11:47
Why don't Japan and Korea have brands name such as J-20 and Coma?. As for car brand one of my friend ...

this two brand cars are getting more popular in China, it is really amazing for me.
to answer the op's thread,

when China got it's own brand of products, we will be the top leader of the world economy.

It just takes time .


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Good brands needs quality , chinese companies should be more patriotic, in that way, that they should try to produce the best goods, than chinese economy won't be based on cheap labor, it is a hard process, but for example who in their right mind would buy a chinese car outside of China? Chinese cars might be cheaper in China because of import taxes, but in other part of the world who in their right mind would buy a chinese car, that is true for other electronics and other products  as well, we only buy chinese goods, because it is cheap, but many people try to avoid chinese goods, because of the low quality.I believe many western brands who produce in China sell subpar quality products in China in the name of the same  brand , because of the low quality standards there.

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xuerengui Post time: 2012-1-29 13:12

Most TV personalities in America are Jewish...

""Most TV personalities in America are Jewish...""


Can you support that with hard evidences ....??

I am Jewish, just came back home, after spending 2 months in the USA .... on an average I have spent 80 days/year in the East and West Coast on the last three years .....

Where did you get that information ... and what is the purpose of posting it here....??

If we all think alike .... then, nobody is thinking

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On the second time I visited China, besides taking care of my own work, I sourced at an exhibiton, flourescent lanterns (SIMILAR to the ones seen bellow) for my neighbor, a low budget tools importer and distributor.

I negotiated what we considered a good deal for 1500 pcs..
When I called my neighbor to inform him and told him the price I negotiated ... he told me to order 5000 pieces...
I called from the hotel, "my new friend" salesman of fluorescent lanterns and gave him the good news..
That night when we met for dinner (he invited me) and the salesman handed me the proforma invoice ..... he had added to the price 0.45 USD/ea...
When I asked for an explanation ...... "well we didn't talk about individual packaging of the lanterns"...

There is a je ne sais quoi on the Chinese manufacturers and suppliers, that after being several times in China, I am convinced is an inherent stupidity on the Chinese folklore.

You spend time and resources to create an image (website, catalogs, exhibitions, samples....) and when you have to close a deal you destroy the trust and credibility that the customer already deposited on you...

For a few more percents of profit, you cross the barbed wire lines ..... into the land of dishonesty and without compassion you are willing to sacrifice the image and trustworthiness of your business.

You didn't learn yet that honesty and trust once you lost it, you can not buy it back...

From my experience of being 24 years an independent and importer....... When I purchase something in Germany, Italy, Spain, the Czeck Rep., Holland, USA, Canada and Brazil .... once I finished the negotiations, I'm sure that I'm getting what I paid and negotiated for .... and some times, like in the case of a German supplier, I get two sets of gaskets, nuts and bolts, for free (with the pump) that we haven't contemplated on the deal....

You need to change the attitude of your sales people and management ... if you want to be equal to the Europeans .... like someone wrote a few screens before.

I hope nobody feels insulted by what I wrote. I'm writing it as a friend, with the purpose of having you improve your performance...
However, if someone feels insulted or aggravated .... my sincere appologies...


If we all think alike .... then, nobody is thinking

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I am so tired of this, its seem that no one can criticise Zionism or Jews without being labelled as Anti Semitic

Please see

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