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A good holiday in Singaporer [Copy link] 中文

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You can pretty muchendulge in as much Sin as you are willing to postution is legel. On one trip a friend and I tried to have a pleasurable encouter every day for 6days straight, we had to utilize medication on the 4th and 5th days.

We visited Gayland district several times, I don't remember thestreet number but it was obvious which establishments had the goods. Weentered, were met by the madam, we discussed what we wanted and negotiated aprice. In most cases we paid 150 Sing, I'm sure the locals get it for 1/2 that.We sometimes had to wait as the girl was taxied from another house to h
ouse.Sometimes we were served by the house girls.

Your money bought you a 45 min session with a very expereinced yet young womanwho provided fulfilling service in this time. They spoke some english, somewere Thai, some spoke cantonese.

We too visited the Orchard Towers actually during the day. We visited a massageparlor where we were taken to the massage rooms where the woman discussed withus the terms of added service including complete service. Similar price thoughI got my girl down to 125 for a 40 min good time.

The best service I ever found was through a friend where I was introduced to aphone number and a web page. You had to join a discussion group, then were partof the club and with the phone number could call up and say when I was coming totown, and what I was looking for. I was given a date and time and was toldwhere to go. It turned out to be a hotel near orchard street. This wasapparently where this opperation was being run. I would arrive 5 min early,text the "scheduler" that I was there and about 3-5 min later hetexted me with the room number. Each time (maybe 1/2 dozen different times) Iwent to the door, tapped lightly and was let in. After tea and chit chat, wasprovided a bath, and then spent the rest of my 90 min with a very proffessionalcurtious woman. This "club" often had sales, so some times earlymorning meetings were discounted significantly yet quite enjoyable. I even tookadvantage of the double offer. I expected something similar to what I'dwhitnessed in various movies seen in the past, but found the experience wasonly what you made of it. Thuroughly enjoyed these threesomes and the cost for90 min was about 250 sing.

I also found an easy way to meet less legal workers was simply to ride thehotel elevator about midnight to 1am. Each time I tried this, within about 3trips up and down, enevitably a lady of the evening would step in heading down.They try to make eye contact and that is all it takes, if of course you likewhat you see. The prices of these engagements can be quite a bit less, butthere is more risk. I took advantage of this method several times, once withtwo girls for 100 each, another time I found a partner for the evening for 300.This was actually quite nice, I paid for this all night service 3 nights in arow once and simply enjoyed the company, one night, not even taking advantageof the willing partner. Yes I admit I just wanted to snuggle all night. Sheeven left at 4 am with me to the airport and saw me off to head home like agirlfriend might. watch out if you give them your phone number, in this case Ireceived several text messages for weeks after I came home.

One more interesting encounter was actually in the legitimate hotel massageparlor. I had paid for a 1 hour sweedish massage, which was performed withexcellent experienced hands. After she noticed that I had become slightlyarroused so she simply asked if there was something easy she could handle forme. For an extra 50 Sing I was completly satisfied with the overall service,even allowed to pay her later on in my hotel room, since her bosses frowned onthis extra activities.

overall an outs
anding place to grow your list of sins.

Had some similar experiences in Penang but the service was not quite as niceand was a lot cheaper, about $45 US for 90 min if you could get her to staythat long.

Too many good memories, too many sins.

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I wouldnt go there what a horrible placel

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You could save yourself a lot of money and maybe your life (if you're interested in that)
by learning to do some things for yourself.
I don't think you need to explain why you can't find yourself a steady mate.
If capitalism promotes innovation and creativity then why aren't scientists and artists the richest people in a capitalist nation?

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and even had the guts to post it...
The best response to a fool is silence....

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robert237 Post time: 2012-1-24 12:00
You could save yourself a lot of money and maybe your life (if you're interested in that)
by learnin ...

so agree...
The best response to a fool is silence....

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Some people are amazing, to post something like that and think anyone would consider it as a good post. paying for it is for losers.
I was interested to find out if short hair was still required for guys going to Singapore???
I'm a little bit wrong and your a little bit right.
Everyone is entitled to my opinion.

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seneca Post time: 2012-1-24 11:43
I think you have been in a daze that misled you here instead of into PLAYBOY. Actually I am of opini ...

It's doesn't happened to me. It's reading from a web about singaporer informations. and was i shocked a little that a place is like that

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