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Spring Festival – My Happy Punishment

There are many things in China that cost me to be adapted in its food, its culture, its celebrations, etc. At this time I can say I can manage to get used to and respect certain habits, customs and the particular way of celebrating the different holidays in China, things that it were difficult for me to overcome.

In the last 6 years, five of them I celebrated the Spring Festival with my Chinese wife’s family (one year I was out of China). To visit her family means to visit also her relative’s homes.  My father in law has 4 brothers; my mother in law has 3 sisters, so we visited all of them
Each visit to them means food, food and more foods but there is no food if there are not also drinks. I can say I feel thankful for their kindness in all my visits but the problem started for me with the drinks, sweet, bitter, pungent aroma, hard for me to handle but how to say “No” to those uncles and I thought only one or couple of gambei were enough, noooo, I was wrong, it started with a toast and another one and another one, 3 cups first. I think with four small glasses I was drunk, my wife tried to stop me but how to stop with one of them, the uncle with “big cheeks”  (that’s how I call him), he challenged me all the times. Anyway I finished drunk and I swore my wife I will never come back to Big Cheek Uncle home

Again. The next day we visited another Uncle’s home, full of people and suddenly appeared the big cheek uncle, God, he was there !!! I smiled shyly to all of them and I told my wife to help me to stop the drinks, she was helpless, also me, I gave up, I got drunk again. Those days I learned to live with headaches. I complained to my wife why they didn’t respect my will to drink or not to drink, its hard to stop them? This was a punishment for me, my wife just laughed.  I said to myself several times “Next year I won’t come back”.

The second year, yes, I was there again, I told my wife better to visit her parents only, please, she said “Ok” but there the story repeated again, my happiness and pain was a copy of my first visit. We visited with her parents to other relative’s homes and there he was my nightmare, the "big cheek" uncle with his countless bottles of liquors in all colors and flavors, again I ended knock out.

The following years and my last visit from last week, it happened again, I  thought I learned to handle it but sometimes is not possible to control yourself when you meet people who are too nice, too kind and too warm. Each visiting there are more people, joining more new couples with children, it’s a great holiday, I really appreciate and thank how well they treated me and of course this time it wasn’t the exception, I got drunk again, big headache again and at this time I said to myself “who cares”, I enjoyed the drinks , the meals and I had a great time. So I am one of them, I don’t complaint as before. (maybe my kidney and liver complaint)

There is a saying “If you can’t success with the enemy, join them”

Wishing a Happy Dragon Year to everybody
Denial, according the psychoanalysts, is one of the most primary mechanisms of defense. It consists in the attitude of denying or minimizing obvious facts of reality with which the individual can´t  cope or whose irresponsibility is unable to meet.

And I agree.

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xilaren Post time: 2012-1-23 20:27
On Sunday 22 my family and I were invited to spend the day and enjoy lunch together in my chinese fr ...

Dear Xilaren

Check these illustrations:



You can find "Edit" under a  thread.

Thank you for sharing

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My Spring Festival....boring, lonely and cold....just another night!

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August's Best Writer 2012

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voice_cd Post time: 2012-1-30 16:45
Dear Xilaren

Check these illustrations:

thank you very much voice.This is how I had done it but it did not work that's why I asked for your help.
When I have time  will try again.
I really    love China,半个 中国 人

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