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13 Types of CD forum members, feel free to label.   [Copy link] 中文

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We first need to exclude paid posters and forum trolls, cause it's their job to behere.Now for the rest, based on a bit reading and experience I labeled and generalized 13 types of CD forum members -- alphabetically.

(Together with some random image from google)

1. AttentionSeekers

Whenever they post, they never forget to mention themselves.

They don't really care what the post is talking about, which made them consistently showing tedency of reading disorder, or incapability to understand the text. They either fail in language, or paying too much attention to stand out, that even when topic is totally irrelevant,they always manage to catch stage light on themselves.

Some ways they use:

1. Repeated image, icon, or idioms they keep posting to form an integrated recognization or image.

They are usually the first one that new comers notice, and usually don't make sense most of the time.

2. Whatever the topic is it always followed by they replies like "at least I do not belong to that/ I won't do that/ count me out/not me"

They are bit different from egoists i'll talk about later, egoists usually indulge in self-dramatization, while attention seeker want always be a drama king/queen.



2. Bashers:

This is a big category, covering from some chinese patriotsto china-bashers, from xenophobia, to an

They need to fight against something, or anti something, most of the time, and not at certain events but aiming

at a general group.


3. Business seekers

They start topic by posting very specific and professional topic related to business and looks as if they want to build business relation here too. I'm just not too sure, is CD the right target place?

Another type of business seekers is spammer, and in spammer there are two types, one pure advert and get deleted soon, another one is information sharing.

4. Critics

They are similar, but still differ a lotfrom Bashers, cause they normally focus on specific, while bashers bash at ageneralized group. They are (overly) concerned about society,and slightly cynical. One word they use most frequently is "why"

5. Egoist:

They don’t really care about anyone’stopics or others. They only care about what they like, whatthey did or going to do, and what they want, they sometimes have a small social circle with people sharing same egoism. They will keep on chatting for pages. Private message for them is just not so fun as posting, as being egoists, they also showed a bit exhibitionist traits too.

In past there were lots of them.

6. English grammar maniac:

Whoever they are, wherever they come from,they showed dangerous tendency of being paranoid in English, grammar or format. English grammar for them as ramen for FSC.

Their typical post goes like this:

" Put a comma(,) and after very setenceand put a full stop(.) and space after every comma!"

Or "Tell me what is xxx(a typo or spelling mistake)!"

They are just very focused on details in English so usually missing a big picture, that's why sometimes they don't understand a joke cause being too serious. ("yet I'm serious with a proper reason!" yelled the english maniacs)

Another feature is they usually know someother languages and willing to show it if chance permits, but usually won't turn into maniac for the second foreign language.


7. English or other language learners:

They are really here to practise, either to pass IELTS or other tests and their teacher said, you need to find English speaking

environment. And they register at CD and silently--yes, most of the time very silent, reading.

If there're any kind of thread which offer english/or other language study material, they log on and reply with



8. Friends collectors

They are two types of friends collectors. One is public friends collector another one is private message friends collector.

For public ones usually they are new comers and this isusually their only and last post, you never see them come back..

seldom. If they return they may turn into any kind of Time Killer(which I talk about later).

Their post always start with "Hi my name is lucy im xx year old Ilike English I want to make friend please contact me/pleaseadd my qq".

For private message friends collectors some of them you never even talked with, send you requests. They don't talk don't post

seldom write, I think seeing the long friends list on profile is satisfied enough for them.

Some will upload a nice avatar and most don't have avatars...their existence still remain mysterious to me.

Has anyone tried to contact them please reveal more here

image: {:soso_e100:}

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9. Know it all instructors

You'd see them almost step into any kind of discussion with any topic. And talks endlessly about any specific theme, different from non-obsessed time killers or attention seekers, they do paid attention to context and their reply do make sense.

But more likely is,they are here only to tell you how much they know, and in the hope they are able to change your mind

10. Peacemaker

They don't have features. You can hardly remember what are their opinions. You never, or seldom see them fighting forany views, seldom disagree with someone.

They always post and followed by a “hehe” or a smile smily. Theyremain mild and gentle. They don't show opinions. It could be either they don’t have much to think about, orthey don’t want troubles not even on forums.

Another typical reply is only mood icons --smile or handshake icons.

11. Spammers

First type of spammers get quickly deleted cause they either post pure advert, or they didnt publish at correct sections.

Second one shares information but all they care is spam, spam and spam. Theypost promotions, coupons, events whatever. They want is always more clicks and active in their spamming threads.  Spammers look quite boring as they mostly don't involve in conversations, they probably don't have idea what forum is about or what members are about.  

12. TimeKillers:

Non-obsessed Time Killer:

They are bored that's main reason that they post. So most of the time they won't go to think further or work on writing a post.

You can see them posting various topicseveryday, but will not/unable to go into deep conversation or analysis. Different from spammers they don't have specific goal, they also thrill at the feeling of the pressing and posting, more than writing.

When you read reply of non-obsessed time killer A, it is not too different from non-obsessed time killer B, their opinion don't vary much from one another. In fact, they don't even care what theyposted, as long as they write and post anything, even that doesn’t make sensemost of the time, it gives them comfort and feeling good. They do have much time to kill, but don’thave many opinions.

Obsessed Time Killer:

Their topic always goes round and round about certainthemes and topics.

For e.g.: Sex; Chinese women with foreign men; Relationships; Injustice that China faced.

Etc. They are probably very obsessed at some parts(the parts they mostly talk about) and paying lots of attention to it but and forum seems to serve best to vent for them.

(I only remember cman was a typical example in early years in CD forum)

13. Soy sauce buyers.

This name is taken from the famous chinese news event "I don't give a s@@t, I'm just here to  buy soy sauce."

They appear here every 10 days or more. They don't start topics, they only reply, reply after any topics with very short, only a few words, and normally there'll be a "he he" too.

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13? That many?!

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I like the girl in your avatar.
   jia na da ren
jia na da ren

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Good analysis.

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He/She missed out madmen...

Im in that category.
Your own mind is a sacred enclosure into which nothing harmful can enter except by your permission. Arnold Bennett

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I'd put attention- seeking top of the list.
Your own mind is a sacred enclosure into which nothing harmful can enter except by your permission. Arnold Bennett

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