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【猜得却摸不得----真难题。猜摸都不得---无知。】 [Copy link] 中文

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1.  以下的4个of 在句子中的英文语言关系为何?

And let him rejoice that he is accounted [of ] God worthy to receive (of God).

an abridged version [of] “War and Peace”

a table made [of] wood;

It is kind [of] you to help me.

2. Beyond the bounds of possibility.

    1.           2.                3.

这1. 2. 3. 之间的英文的语言关系?

我问的不是the part of speech of them, 因为,所谓的词性根据的是Grammar,

但是语法是在英文的外面,Not the way to be the core of language mentality.

我问的是:它们所以立的语言哲学关系。也就是说话人,之所以要用它们的最根本,最原始的语言心态及配附的语言 的逻辑位阶是啥?

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Medal of honor

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3. 用英文定义:介词of
material of poor quality;
the quality of material;
to be a sign of ....

4. It is too good an opportunity to miss. 为啥不能说成 a too good opportunity? 请从 good 在此时此刻的基本

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5. Every sin brings its punishment with it.
A. [its punishement]请用英文来说明 it / punishment 之间的故事?
B. [with] 在此的英文定义? 或把它前面的ellipsis 给还原出来?

6. The story, "The Lady or the Tiger, " is about a curious form of punishment.
A. [a curious form of punishment] 这里的form / punishment 之间的故事,跟第五题来比较,有什么不同?
B. [a curious form] 你能把它给还原成完整的一句话吗?

7. Things present are judged by things past.
A. [things present] / [judge] 这两个语词的语言关系?
B. [by]的英文定义?
C. [judged] / [by things past] 它们之间是主人和仆人的关系,请问谁是主人?

8. Jane's bad result were partly due to illness, but in John's case, no such excuse is possible.
A. 请问,[John's case] = {the case of John} or {the case for John}?
B. 请用英文定义 你选择的[of] or [for]?

9. Jealousy was the murder motive.
A. 请问,[the murder motive] = {the motive of the murder} or {the motive for the murder}?
B. 请用英文定义 你选择的[of] or [for]?

10. an unidentified object

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11. He is born in a [good] hour who gets a [good] name.

12. [your] misfortune / [your] book
请问这两个 your 的pitch 不一样,其道理在那?

13. He came at  a very fortune time.  

14. [learned professor]
你可以为在v-ed下的professor, 说出在这个语词中的故事?
唯有如此,你才能:tell the way in which the meaning is formed

15. 在[perfect]的下面的三个定义中,在执行第一,第二的功能时,[perfect]的念腔是一样的。但他们跟第三个的念腔就不一样啦。请问,其道理? (要确实每一个字词,才能把三个定义,模拟成在现实中的故事之后,作出比较。)
一、 of the very best possible kind, degree, or standard
二、 agreeing in every way with an example accepted as correct
三、suitable / having everything that is needed in every way

16. We sailed with the wind / with the tide.
请问,[we sailed] / [the wind]-----谁是master ?谁是slave?

17. In spite of his faults, I still like him.

18. You may [not] step onto the grass.
请问,[not] 跟谁发生语言关系?发生什么样的语言关系?

19. rate : (definition in dictionary) a quantity such as value, cost, or speed, measured by its relation to some other amount
一、 [by]请用英文来定义之?
        [by] / [measured] 之间的语言关系? 谁是master? 谁是slave?
二、 请用英文解释:[its relation to some other amount]中的[its]?

20. John is easy to please. = John is an easy person to please.

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21. [with]----shows the ideas of filling, covering, or covering
     例句:I filled it with sugar.

22.  以下的介词 [of] 其定义相同,请问定义?
It is kind [of] you to help me.
It was typical [of] her to be so rude.
He's very good at tennis, but he's not much [of] a swimmer.
I don't think much [of] that idea.
The new book is better than his last one, but that's not saying much (of the new book).

23. 极其有趣的 [up to], 你知道 [up] and [to] 互相在说什么话? [up] / [to] 在此非要用特定的定义才能完成在这里的故事。
This film is not [up] [to] much.
an up-to-date map
He failed to live [up] [to] his parents's expectations.
Do you feel [up] [to] going out, o have you still got a headache?

24. [but]的语言关系?but = save it be that
We were coming to see you, but it rained .

25. 相同的[of]定义?Which is of the higher pitch?
the woman [of] iron----the iron woman 此处英国人的念腔必不同于美国人的行不由径。
I've forgotten his name------will you remind me [of] it?

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26. 英文中的方向:

一、shows introducing / control or management
to = under / before / contained or surrounded / put to / put before / in accordance with / by (= in accordance with)
It is about 20 miles to A.
It is some time before A.
It is carried out under the direction of A.
by degrees ---step by step ----gradually --slowly
by four o'clock / by the time

二、 shows through the use or means of
to = unto / towards / by / through / by means of / based on / depended upon / with / by (= through) /  to the degree of
She drove off in the direction of B.
to judge people by their appearace
by car / by the back door / by far / by 10 dollar

27. be + ve-ed的语言操作:(Ezra 9:6) And said, O my God, I am ashamed and blush to lift up my face to thee, my God: for our iniquities are increased over our head, and our trespass is grown up unto the heavens.
----for we should lead unto our increased iniquities over head, and unto our grown trespass up unto the heavens
若改用our increasing iniquities or our growing trespass 则不妥。
因为 罪孽加大,罪孽本身是中性的,罪孽自己不会繁殖;它的加大乃因为人顺从了according to the will of the flesh and the evil which is therein

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