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Flood the first world countries with immigrants and refugees   [Copy link] 中文

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Hegemonism  and power politics are now the main means ,which the first world try to use ion their way to rule the woirld.
As a fact, the third world , which China plays an important role in, is still a strength to restrict the first world , but not strong enough.
The third world still need a long time to construct themselves.

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Too late: the first world white countries are already being flooded with third world immigrants, and that is a big factor in the multiple factors that will bring the caucasians down: but I don't care about whites - let them become extinct.

China must make sure that they remain 100% Han Chinese.

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From a Chinese Austrailan stand point, I think Australia should take on more skilled migrants from China.  As they help build up the Australian economy and Chinese integrate well into Australian society.  Also being a Chinese person, I am happy to see fellow Chinese being able to have the high living standard of the West  which enrich their own lifes and will help facilitate China intergation with the West.  And of course if Australia is 30% Chinese, I will doubt very much that Australia will use force against China should any conflict happen and will mostly trade with China in the most favourable manner.

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re: Also Australian economy is pretty much saved from the Global Fiancial Crsis because of China and should reply the favour of accepting more skilled Chinese migrants.

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I have never heard of Korean Americans marrying Chinese Americans or vice versa, or Mexicans in the U.S. of A. speaking Mandarin or Urdu with the native immigrant speakers of these languages.


You should really come to the US.  Your perceptions are not really based in reality.

There is not a culture or people out there that does not have some racist elements.

But, I still believe in the melting pot.  

Stressing commonalities instead of highlighting differences is the key to everyone getting along.
Behold the turtle. He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out.

                          -  James Bryant Conant

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All these high sounding articles are very nice until the Axis of Evil ( UK/IL/US ) decides to sack ...

The declartion stand on it's own regardless of what [insert government/corporation of choice here] does. People like me who honestly believe in the declaration and will defend them feircely out of principle, do not care who or what violates them or who it affects. We don't pick sides in that respect. We want a world were these principles are upholded and respected, for and by everyone, and we fight the battle on all frontiers. Feel free to call our governments out on their hypocrisies, but don't drag the Human Rights down with you unless you honestly oppose them, and if so, I would very much like to know why.
Make the latte taste like fiiissshh!

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The declartion stand on it's own regardless of what  does. People like me who honestly believe in t ...

I am not against human rights, i am against hypocrites who claim to be non-partisan but are in fact very partisan.  For instance Amnesty International just held a poll open to the world and asked people to select their best example of a human rights hero.

Well the winner of the poll, was not to the liking of the Axis of Evil so the poll results were swept under the rug and disappeared .

Who won the poll by more than 1,000 votes?  Muammar Gadaffi. And the UN was preparing a special recognition award for Mr. Gadaffis human rights accomplishments earlier in the year when the pirates decided they needed the 140 tons of gold stored in Libya to help stave off the western bankruptcy.  You know the rest of the story.

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