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Title: 2012 Ghosts: Move to send 'alarming signal' across Asia [Print this page]

Author: aa@edward    Time: 2011-12-31 14:06:08     Title: 2012 Ghosts: Move to send 'alarming signal' across Asia

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How will the ghosts of 2012 impact upon the peace and prosperities of the Far East Asia region and Russia?  

Starting here:

It is a real worry and seeing smaller Asian nations surging like mad mates by sucking up weapons ( * at the expense of those hungry and poor folks of thy countries *) to be used against themselves like those Iraqi(s) and Libyans, foolishly, in the end. Only politicians get richer and warmongers survive with scar-less legs swinging in the sunny breezes of Hawaii and Guam!

Move to send 'alarming signal'across Asia

By Hu Yinan and Wang Chenyan (China Daily) December 30, 2011

BEIJING - Japan's decision to lift itsdecades-old weapons export ban on Tuesday came as little surprise … …. .

Japan had just concluded its first-ever trilateral defense dialogue with the USand India in Washington last week.

Japanese Foreign Minster Koichiro Gemba called it "a specific example ofcollaboration", while the Indian embassy in the US said the threecountries "share common values and interests across the Asia-Pacific andthe globe". … …. ….

"In terms of political safety, (Japan) wantsto counter China by linking with countries such as the US, India and Australia. …. …. …..

Nonetheless, Liu Jiangyong, an expert on Japan studies at Tsinghua University,said Tokyo's incentives are primarily economic. Liu said the long-term impactof this latest policy change will be detrimental for China. "From now on,Japan can export weapons to its neighbors and allies such as India, thePhilippines and Australia. At first, these may be for maritime security. Butoffensive weapons may eventually enter the picture, because that's the only wayto fuel its indigenous defense industry," he said. "When thesecountries engage in maritime disputes with China - that's when the impact ofthis policy may come to affect us," Liu said.

Meanwhile, Pan Zheng, a researcher at the National Defense University, calledthe act "a serious violation of the Peace Constitution". The move's impact, he said, will be extremely significant as"Japan broadens its own military influence through boosting militarycooperation with other countries in the name of arms trade".

The ban's removal will allow Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd in Japan to takepart in the production of parts of the fifth-generation F-35 fighter togetherwith Lockheed Martin Corp of the US.
….. ….. ……
Earlier, Russia's Pravda.Ru news service cited military analysts as saying theabolition of restrictions on Japan's exports of arms will "use theachievements of Japan in the further development and improvement of the USmissile defense system".

"This, they believe, will in the future help to create a European missiledefense system," it reported.

Author: aa@edward    Time: 2011-12-31 14:21:16


Let's hope all of us can bring down the appetites of the 2012 ghosts.
Author: nl20051405    Time: 2011-12-31 15:35:19


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