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Chinese People: What is the Purpose of Your Life?   [Copy link] 中文

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A: Any parcels arrived?

B: Small ones; must be the economy, haha..

A: Very funny.

B: First parcel contains two memories, one consequent upon the other.

A: we go..

B: The first memory was of me when very young and small. I was on a field and there was a cat in which mouth a bird.


B: The second memory was of me just a few years ago. Now you know my age so it wasn't that long ago. The memory was me seeing a dead crow in the drain where i now sit staring down this very backyard alley. I remember wanting to pick it up to throw it away properly.


B: But i couldn't move. I now remember being completely frozen. I also remember i was surprised i was frozen; nothing that my brain commanded my arms to do transmitted. I remember the force i exerted on myself to move closer to the carcass but the resistance was terrific. Just could not do it. The pulse rose, the muscles froze, the anguish and fear deepened..


B: Why are you changing your expressions so much this morning?

A: It's too intriguing even for me.  But go on, what is the insight you want to relay?

B: The insight is a question i now invite you to answer, namely, was i born good? If yes, where did it come from?

A: A scientific answer? It came from your parents.

B: Ah, then the parcel's delivery note says to one and all: be a good and responsible parent, child, boss, worker, leader, human being.  Because you will never know how traumatised others will be later on in life should the goodness they may be born with has to be sacrificed for other objectives that will break the chain of cause and effect between good and bad. We should do our level best all the time to increase the pool of goodness in society.

A: Why are you so long-winded?

B: Born like that, perhaps? No, whatever i say or write is said or written to be complete and eternal. Like math equations. When everything is transient and temporary, one tries to find substance and permanence even while knowing deep in the heart that it is all futile.

A:   Math has never been my forte. Me more into the flourish of the arts, the swirl of emotions, the drama of life.

B: (looks at spider spinning web on ceiling corner)

A: You have been talking about good and bad.  So how many faults do you have?

B: Do i think i have?  Four and a half. I have tried to simplify this life given so that i could contain the number of faults i have. There is a price, of course.  A simplified life becomes almost humdrum; missing will be the pathos and energy of stretching limits. But sometimes one wonders when we stray too far, won't we all the same still find that we end up where we started? So in simplifying life, the faults can be seen more clearly which is actually an achievement in these days of constant change and chaos and what not that assails the senses and distracts one's concentration in a normal day in anyone's life.

What do you think will happen to us if we think about our faults, count them out, and put them in an imaginary box in the consciousness of our heads?

A: For some with their growing number of faults, their heads will have to be bigger to contain those boxes.

B: True. Bigger heads signify bigger ego's. As said before, pride comes before fall. And fall comes because every person's life gets a daily dose of disappointments. It's the price of being alive. You expect peace, you get war.  You expect smooth-going, you get trip-overs and breakdowns. You expect savings, you get losses. You expect hope, you get despair.

A; So that means disappointments cannot be avoided?

B: One should be do one's best and be prepared and hope for the best but expect and live with the worst.

A: That is so negative! Work hard and smart to solve all problems scientifically and overcome all hurdles and challenges, small or big! Never give up!

B: I believe in you. Go ahead and do your best.

A: Thank you.  Any other parcel?

B: Two small ones. The second delivery note is about things we read and learn. I can read very simple things and also very complicated things to understand the essence of both with equal facility and on any subject. That comes from a desire to know things out of curiosity not because of thirst for knowledge as power. The height of all curiosity which of course i have failed to achieve because of my four and a half faults is to know the Mind of the Universe.

A: Ah! so humble of you to admit your greatest fault.

B: In any case, i think all the things written out there whether it be in the form of a research paper or a topical report or a subject book can be filtered down to a few principles and ideas which multiple and combine among themselves and get clothed up to become content. If only i could give mankind one book, a book that contains all the principles and ideas from all subjects. That would be a good pitstop in the race to expand knowledge. Alas, too little too late.

A: Someone else may be inspired to create your dream for mankind.

B: Who knows? ()

A: And the last delivery note for today?

B: Give me a second. I have forgotten what it is! Ah, it is about that post on violent women.

A: How can that be of interest? Didn't you say you suspect the video was a fake and asked some questions someone said he could easily answer but then didn't when he could have done so which thus shows you have grounds to believe it was a fake?

B: Why your questions so long-winded?   Ok, let's say it is not a fake and there are people predisposed to being emotionally unstrung the moment they feel they have been offended. Doesn't all that reflect an "all-me" society instead of an "all-us" society that is better by what the first delivery note above of today has tried to say?

A: Ah, you're integrating all the delivery notes!

B: Ummm, something like that..

A: (scratches chin)..hmm, you actually want to say something else...on systems, perhaps?

B: Ummm, something like that.....Maybe another day.  Am i boring you with all these dialogues of ours?

A: What else would we be doing at the start of the day?

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markwu Post time: 2017-9-21 10:17
A: Any parcels arrived?

B: Small ones; must be the economy, haha..

You are amazingly prolific!

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markwu Post time: 2011-12-31 10:53
i see merit in what has been posted.  A new perspective. Scientific development of the person leadin ...

In all honesty, I don't think China can do it.  The Ashkenazim and Caucasians can, and probably will, but not China.  China is not a leader, but a follower.  China is not a creator/innovator/discoverer, but a copy cat.

OP is wrong, big time.

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markwu Post time: 2017-9-21 10:17
A: Any parcels arrived?

B: Small ones; must be the economy, haha..

You have a beautiful Soul, Mark.

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