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Chinese People: What is the Purpose of Your Life?   [Copy link] 中文

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Do you ever ask yourself what the purpose of your life is, the purpose of your people, and the purpose of your nation?  Why struggle to exist and survive?  Among modern Caucasian people, the purpose is to consume goods and services, followed by death (capitalism).  But, is this really good enough for China?  Are you happy with having just this purpose?  

As I see it, the purpose should be to constantly improve yourself and your country with respect to your biology, your culture, your understanding of science and the universe, and technology.    With respect to biology, we evolved upwards from apes, but then we stopped evolving to be more intelligent; we stagnated, and even have reversed in intelligence.  I think we should strive to keep on biologically evolving upwards without any limits.  We should take evolution into our own hands and biologically evolve into better and better species.  Caucasians worship gods, but China has the potential to actually BECOME gods.  We should make our brains bigger and smarter, our senses stronger, and our bodies more robust.  We should drastically extend our lifespans and biologically alter our bodies to be able to travel through space.  Our bodies should be changed to be able to absorb electromagnetic energy to sustain ourselves, instead of relying on current foods.  There is no limit: our religion should be to keep on evolving upwards and leave the Homo Sapiens behind.  One day, we will no longer be organic, but made of a much stronger material that can travel between galaxies.  Only China can do it, and you can be sure that once we evolve upwards, no one will try to harm or invade us, and we will in return leave other people alone in peace.  

We will make our brains so smart that each Chinese person would be able to learn all human knowledge in 60 seconds.  It would take us only a few seconds to invent space-age technology.  Our mental processing speed and mental capacity would be greater than all the computers in the world combined.  And our bodies will be built to be able to survive in extreme cold, extreme heat, and other extreme conditions.  We will have become super-men or gods.  This should be our purpose in life and our reason for existing.

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If China does not support my position here, then what would make you special?  What would make you any different from any other people in the world?  What would make your survival any more important and desirable than any other nation?  You would be just like the rest, and it would then not really matter whether you existed or not: you would be just "a dime a dozen," as the anglos say.

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i see merit in what has been posted.  A new perspective. Scientific development of the person leading to waves of progress of the State with positive spin-off contributions to mankind and the world.

Others may say this is trying to create elitism.  However what is elitism if not progress.  So it is about creating progress.

Today it may be China doing it. Tomorrow it can be the whole world. A better tomorrow for everyone.

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markwu Post time: 2011-12-31 10:53
i see merit in what has been posted.  A new perspective. Scientific development of the person leadin ...

It is not really elitism, since that word tends to imply that only the well-to-do and privileged of China will get the progress.  At least this is how the word "elitism" is perceived in America.  In actuality, it will be every citizen of China that will receive the progress, not just the privileged.

Regarding the rest of the world, that will be up to them as to what policy they choose to follow.  In all honesty, the only other country I see doing the same thing will be Israel, since they are a very enlightened people.  

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It is not really elitism, since that word tends to imply that only the well-to-do and privileged o ...

At least this is how the word "elitism" is perceived in America.

Are you an American? Or do you live in America? Where were you born? Why do you exist or survive?
Is there any relation between you and China?
Why do you ask Chinese People "What is the Purpose of your life"? What's the purpose of your question?
To remember, to let go, and to move on.

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There used to be an organization called Prometheism.  They have now split apart, but here is their manifesto:

Prometheans coming together to breed a new human species with a higher
intellect and love of one's people. A communion of intellect and
beauty for the simple reason that it can be done. This creation is
what gives us purpose and meaning. No other justification is required
for this program to advance our Promethean species.

Principles and Goals

I.    We are both a nation and a religion. Whether we will be a
diasporic nation, a nation with boundaries, or both, will depend on
circumstances currently beyond our control. But in the future, a
homeland must be sought for by any means available.

II. Our aim is to create a genetically enhanced race that will
eventually become a new, superior species. In the short-term, this
will be achieved via eugenics and genetic engineering.

III.    There are many reasons why we want to achieve this:

a.) Technology has outpaced the human brain in modernization -- we
must now play catchup using eugenics and do it alone if necessary.
b.) The world is caught in a dysgenic trend from which we want to be
c.) This is a way of maximizing our viability -- the survival and
probability of survival of our genes. A more intelligent species will
be more fit to adapt to new environments and to face new threats and
d.) We see this as the noble thing to do, the idealization of humanity
and beyond-humanity. We seek to bring ourselves closer to Godhood.
Through eugenics and other forms of improvement, we will bring higher
civilization, higher creativity, higher consciousness to the Universe.
What Nature used to do via natural selection, we will now take into
our own hands with directed and deliberate evolution.

IV.   We must not concern ourselves with others that are caught in
the dysgenic cycle. We must only be concerned with the success of
other competing eugenics' programs that will pose a threat to our own
new species, for speciation will not travel along a single vector when
humans compete using the new technologies.

V.   Any eugenics' program has equal validity to use the state's
coercive power to improve human genetic capital. Genetic capital is
now more valuable than land and/or territory aside from some scarce
resources. DNA or genetic capital is the most valuable commodity in
the universe.

VI.   Behavioral tolerance should flow naturally out of a highly
intelligent, eugenic society that is ethically cohesive. It must be
accepting of many different preferences or freedoms of personal
conduct that might offend, but does no harm to the group. That is,
elimination of consensual crimes is a given in a society that through
intelligence and understanding of human behavior in others can
tolerate deviants who do no harm.

VII.   We are not a cult or sect. Our principles are firmly grounded
in empiricism and neo-Darwinism. Our purpose is merely to do what we
believe is noble, using science to create a new human species because
that is what we want to do. No irrational dogma is required or
desired. The eugenic state is a sovereign state, with or without

VIII.   As creators we do not submit to dogma or blind faith, but
only to empirical knowledge. Likewise, we have no need of holy men,
only wise men. As individuals, we only submit to the goals of the
project, and to nothing else. And in allowing us to be part of the
creation, the group gives back to the individual a sense of purpose
and fulfillment. Eugenic is that which makes us come closer to our
image of god in a technological and ever expanding universe. No
limits, and no regrets.

[manifesto continued on next post]

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