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English and racism. [Copy link] 中文

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About Esperanto for Chinese.

Please read my previous post.

Yes, Esperanto is more difficult for Chinese than for Europeans because most of its roots are European based, yet some Chinese friends of mine found it easier than Japanese because the rules were 100% reliable, and therefore there was no need to doudt grammar rules, spelling, etc at every turn.  Once the rule was learnt, it could be applied to its logical extreme.

Certainly there is nothing stopping us from creating an even easier language in the future, with more roots from other languages, but for now Esperanto still seems to be easier to learn than any other for Chinese people also.  And as for whether or not English is invented or created, it's irrelevant in the end anyway, since the final question is how easy is it to learn, and how easily will other countries accept it as it continues to impose itself upon the world.

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Lousy excuses wouldn't make stupidity go away, bossel BHAI !!

If you can split thesentence,

"English" means the language INVENTED and SPOKEN by the ENGLISH people and NOT by some SUBSERVIENT FORMER COLONIZED SUBJECTS."


1) English means the language invented by the English people & not by some subservient former colonized subjects.
2) English means the language spoken by the English people & not by some subservient former colonized subjects.

then, splitting the following sentence in YOUR same way...

"Bread is made from flour and water and NOT from sand and cement"

would be,

1) Bread is made from flour and NOT from sand and cement.
2) Bread is made from water and NOT from sand and cement.

Bread made from water??  Wow! A HINDLISH miracle indeed! The world wouldn't have to go hungry ever!!

(If you still can't see the ABSURDITY of your reasoning then you never will, bossel BHAI !! )

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"Anglo-Saxon" English

I am both disappointed and bemused by temico's strident and exclusive views about English, my native tongue. In reply, I would offer the following points of information:

1. English was not "invented", it evolved, principally from Latin. Also, it continues to evolve - a glance at the regular additions to the Oxford English Dictionary bears particular witness to this fact.

2. Temico's attempt to distinguish between "native" English speakers - whom she incorrectly labels "Anglo-Saxons" - and people who converse in English from other countries, is also a  myopic view. To lump (for example) US, UK and South African English together is quite outrageous, in that it ignores significant differences in accent and the culture which language reflects.

3. Temico's disparaging remarks about, for example, the standard of English on the Indian Sub-continent also displays a very exclusive attitude, bordering on racism. English does not belong to any race, or country, and it is open to anyone who wants to learn it, for whatever reason. I mentioned the Oxford English Dictionary (OED), and its task of identifying and recording new words, phrases and terms in the English idiom. They are not "gatekeepers", who decide whether a word should be added or not, but merely function to record any new words which are being used in English, anywhere in the world. This differs from the Academie Francaise, who do act as official arbiters of what new words may enter the French idiom. The OED's approach, therefore, is flexible, tolerant, and inclusive.

It is a pity that temico uses their impressive mastery of English to denigrate some of the principles outlined above.  

English is for everyone, wherever they are, and for whatever purpose they wish to use it.

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To zhamxl

I agree with you that "a house is built to live in, not to look at ", but tell me, what is the use of a "house" if you can't live in it in ease; not stumbling all over the place and mistaking a door for a window like that fellow (or fellows, perhaps) who took for granted that the "sorry" door was an "apology" window and fell on their "stick to functionalsim" faces in the process??

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As I am not that interested...

I've not read further than machjo's giving of some words and rules of Esperanto.

These are confusing, to any reader proficient in the languages esperanto takes something from.

"hundido" ,for example, is either close or identical to the Spanish "hundido", buried, if I remember correctly.

Hund is German
Hound, English
Hond, Dutch.

So for these languages it's, somewhat, logical to create that word.

For Spanish it interferes with the learning.

The examples are legion.


Languages are created by children, on a different note, it is they who create grammar. Adults then formalise that and write it down. So, it is nonsensical for an adult to arbitrarily create a set of rules for a language. As I suspect has been done with Esperanto.

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Well, well well, bossel BHAI......

...what DEVIATING nonsense are you up now? Should it still be  "bossel" BHAI, or should it be "johnners" SINDAS-WALA?? ( "john" = "sindas"; "sindas-wala" = "johnners"(translated to HINDLISH, of course) !!

(BTW, temico is a shining baldy CIRCUMCISED "fellow" who is adoringly referred to by the so-called "native English-speaking" Hindu maidens as Bruce Lee the INVINCIBLE!! "

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