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English and racism. [Copy link] 中文

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Ease of learning.

it's a myth that all languages are equally difficult to learn.  I'm not denying that there are ethnic Chinese who know English well, but they are usually part of the middle to upper classes who have had better than average educational opportunities, or the exceptional case of a Chinese who for whatever reason fell in loive with the language and was prepared to invest a tremendous amout of time learning it.

Now if you compare it ot Esperanto, I learned Esperanto on my own, without any teacher, in little more than a year to fluency, and I also have Chinese friends who were able to teach themselves in less than three years, with only a book and a dictionary as a teacher.

And as for the ethnic element, the idea is now so rooted in the Chinese psyche (again, I acknowledge there are some exceptions) that one must be white and speak with speak with a standard Canadian, American or British accent that it would take a tremendous effort on the part of Chinese society to uproot it entirely.  Not to mention that since almost all Chinese learn English, but few learn other languages.  As a result, their ideas of other ethnic, religious, national and racial groups becomes primarily defined by hollywood, thus compounding the current prejudice found in association with the English language in China.

As for Esperanto, however, Esperanto music CDs, movies, books etc are from around the world, with a relatively evenly spread cultural distribution compared to that of English, which still presents a very Anglocentric view of the world.  Also, because Esperanto is much easier to learn, if I speak on the phone with a Chinese Esperanto speaker, we can both speak it like a mother tongue, and in fact I can't even tell the difference between my accent and his.  

In addition to that, a Chinese person speaking Esperanto is more likely to be accepted by certain communities.  For example, immagine that Japanese was the world language instead of English, and some countries required it in their schools.  Understandably many Chinese would rather speak any language other than Japanese.  English can prvoke a similar reaction in some countries for various political or historical reasons, whereas Esperanto has never really been overly political or confontational against any culture thus far.

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Re: "It was not invented & it can be spoken all over the world. "

What exactly are you are trying to say? Compare it with the following ABSURD statement:-

" The COMPUTER was not invented and it can be used all over the world."

FYI, if the computer was NOT invented, you wouldn't even know about it, leave alone seeing it being used all over the world. The same applies to many other inventions. e.g. ALGEBRA. If it was not invented by an Arab named Al-Gabr, students wouldn't have to learn it in schools!
Referring to machjo's "Esperanto", if it was not invented, how can it be used, may I ask??

Also, by your reasoning, if English is not the language invented and spoken by the ENGLISH people, then Chinese is not the language invented, written and spoken by the Chinese people nor is Japanese the language spoken by the Japanese people, and so forth!

In China, students go for "GUO-YU" lessons = "home country language" lessons = "Chinese" lessons, but in America and India students go for ENGLISH classes/lessons and not for American or Indian lessons despite the fact that ENGLISH is the official language in both countries!!

Also, in ENGLISH dictionaries, one would notice that there are spellings/usages of some words which are TYPICALLY British or American. How come there are NO usages TYPICAL  to Indians who can claim that since they speak "English" and it being  their country's OFFICIAL language, it is therefore, also their native tongue??
Why don't you ask yourself this, "How come the English language didn't "EVOLVE", as you claim, in "coloured man's" countries??

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To machjo

Why don't you write something in Esperanto and see how many  of, or how long it would take, the forumites here to understand your "easy to comprehend and learn" language.

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An invention?

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Don't evade the point, "bossel" BHAI !!

Just point to one reputable ENGLISH dictionary where pronunciation/usage reference is made to YOUR so-called "Indian English dialect"

Also, either admit or deny the ABSURDITY of  your previous sentence which I repeat below!!

" English was not invented & it can be spoken all over the world "

Just to let you know that the current Vietnamese(latinized) and Korean script were INVENTED. Before that they were using Chinese characters which in turn, were INVENTED by the Chinese people. Also URDU was INVENTED. It is a mixture of Iranian (Persian) and Arabic. It did NOT evolve from Persian or Arabic, because URDU can be understood by neither Iranians nor Arabs. Who knows, perhaps Hindi script EVOLVED from cow DUNG!!

BTW, why do think the ENGLISH people refer to the "English" spoken in the USA as "American/American English" while that spoken in their former  Asian colonies as "INGlish", CHINGlish", SINGlish", etc., etc., and RUBbish of course?? Surely, by your reasoning, they must have GREAT LOVE, ADMIRATION & RECOGNITION for the "dialects evolving" and spawning from their SUBSERVIENT SUBJECTS!!

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All languages are created.

First, about the point that English wasn't invented;  every word and grammar rule in the English language was invented at some point or other, by someone or other.  For  example, the English alphabet came from the Romans, many words entered through Germanic, such as king (koenig), then through latin after the Romans conquered, such as "et cetera".  Then when the Franks conquered England the English took more words such as "government".  Later the English took words such as tofu, Allah, Weiqi, blitzkrieg, etc.  And at each stage someone had to become consious of the fact that there was no word in English for a certain concept, make the decision to adopt it into English (with or without modifications), then propagate the word to correspondents around him.  Beyond that, it's been proven by linguists that children naturally look for patterns in language.  For example, native English children will universally erroneously call the plural of mouse "mouses", and only through repeated interference from the parents will the "error" be corrected.  Sounds pretty deliberate to me, don't you think?

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