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English and racism. [Copy link] 中文

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I'm a language teacher in China, and have noticed many (though not all) schools in China refuse to hire blacks, Asians, or anyone with a non-white face,who doesn't look tipically Anglos-Saxon and who doesn't speak with a standard US, Canadian or British accent (although some will accept Irish, Australian or South African English sometimes, but rarely).  I'm curious to know why that is?

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It is disappointing that language schools operate an apparent colour bar in this way. This is a nonsense, as some of the best English spoken in the world today hails from India and Pakistan.

I also think it's a nonsense that they only hire "native" English speakers. Just because they grew up speaking English doesn't mean that they are either:

1. A proficient speaker of English;
2. A competent teacher.

Indeed, it is said in Western education circles that "to teach, is to learn twice"; ie., if someone has had to learn something - such as English - then they are well-placed to understand the demands of learning that subject. Therefore, they are better able to help English students with common difficulties.

I wish these companies would think more deeply about their recruitment policies !

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Perhaps, this is ONE of the reasons.

"tipically Anglos-Saxon"??

( Before you jump to conclusions, I want to let you know that I am neither a teacher nor a native English-speaker nor an ANGLO-SAXON. )

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Nonsense, did I hear??

Re: "This is a nonsense, as some of the best English spoken in the world today hails from India and Pakistan. "

Are you of Indian or Pakistani origin? If not, then you must be kidding!! I quote an ENGLISH ( I mean ANGLO-SAXON English from England, home and birth place of the English language) saying:

"English was born in England, got sick in America and DIED in India!"

Remember, "English" means the language INVENTED and SPOKEN by the ENGLISH people and NOT by some SUBSERVIENT FORMER COLONIZED SUBJECTS.

I have spoken in English with THOUSANDS of Indians and Pakistanis and I have come to the conclusion that the ONLY ones who can speak PROPER English are from those who were BORN( or went to school there from a very young age) in England and of these, 99% of them have forgotten or CAN'T even speak their own forefathers' native URDU, PASHTUN, GUJURATI, BENGALI, HINDI, etc., languages!!( This applies to people from other parts of the world too.)
If one were to read and scrutinize the ENGLISH language newspapers published daily in Pakistan or India, s/he would easily detect that the articles in those papers were NOT written by native English-speakers despite having gone through the watchful eyes of the English language proficient editors and proof-readers!!

In my personal opinion, if China were to encourage schools in China to have English language teachers from India and Pakistan, then, I wouldn't be surprised if the ENGLISH were to change their saying to:-

"English was born in England, got sick in America, died in India and GOT CREMATED IN  CHINA!!!"

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hehe... temico, you have got a silver tongue ~ * O !

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Next question, then.

So if English is so difficult to learn, then why should the world continue to use it as a means of international communication, seeing that therefore the rest of the world will always have to rely on native speakers to learn it.

Would it not be better then for China to simplify the language so that on the one hand it would still be understandable to others, yet on the other easy enough for Chinese to learn it like a native language within a reasonably short period of time?

And if that can't be done, then what about replacing English with an easier language, such as Esperanto, which is starting to gain in popularity in many multi-lingual countries by the way.

Either way, it would mean that we would no longer need to rely on native speakers only, since all could learn it well, and therefore allow the world to rid itself of the Anglo superiority complex (By the way, I'm a white native speaker too, but I still don't feel the current international language situation is just.

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BTW, machjo........

........I never said that English was "difficult to learn" nor did I say that China should "rely on native English-speakers" to teach English in China so don't try to put words in my mouth. FYI, I know of COUNTLESS ethnic Chinese English teachers who are very good and proficient in what they are doing. I problem these days is not with these dedicated teachers but with the new generation of aspiring English teachers who are brought up trying to immitate the slang and CRAP, repeat CRAP, that they hear on Western movies. This subtle brainwashing has reached a point that "English" is subconsciously divided into "boring classroom English" and " and " COOL & HIP English", with the latter overwhelming and snuffing out the former. If one were pay attention, s/he would notice it used here in this forum too!!
This is one of the reasons why the standard of English teaching has deteriorated over the years and even in Hong Kong too, which had been colonized by the British for over two hundred years! Tell me, if the Chinese people in Hongkong, after so long, can't master English properly, do you think they can they master Esperanto? Heck! I wouldn't be surprised if they turn it into NONSENSTO!!

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