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[US] Maybe that war with China isn't so far off [Copy link] 中文

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it can't be far off when the u.s has 60,000 troops stationed in south korea, japan, with another 2500 in australia

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LaughsatYou Post time: 2011-12-28 22:09
Those troops have been there since WWII and the Korean war, hardly what I would describe as an immen ...

save your lies. visit any u.s military base and you will see mass protests by the local population. no one wants u.s bases. The threat of an aggressive usa is simply far more realistic because it has all the incentive and the China has none. a declining empire is a desprate one, especially one with a military industrial complex. we can see from history that countries in financial trouble such as japan, and germany were prone to attacking others. we can see from the u.s's entire history that it has been filled with conflict. in fact, it's hard to find a period in u.s history where the u.s was not attacking a country. facts are facts, the u.s and nato has been continuously attacking countries far and away.

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JEFGILULY Post time: 2011-12-29 00:28
save your lies. visit any u.s military base and you will see mass protests by the local population ...

Get over here and show me some of those supposed opposition to the US Presence, you miserable self loathing murrican traitor, lying one.
Where you will see opposition by locals here is when US-Troops consider downsizing or closing of Bases.
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Where you will see opposition by locals here is when US-Troops consider downsizing or closing of Bases.

They make a lot of money from those bases.

And I know from my experience in Germany, being an american meant paying 350 more marks a month that a german citizen for rent in the same building.  Locals would just inflate costs to cover themselves.  Americans had a bad reputation for renting places and leaving them a mess, so...they just figure on another way to compensate for it.

Germans certainly weren't getting ripped off in the situation.  

With all the stupid military exercises done, going in small towns, ripping up their roads with the tanks - all that meant was that town just got a new roads & a facelift courtesy of uncle sam.

We have probably spend millions giving money to germans to re-pave road our tanks tore up.

And I heard from some locals that if in any of those exercises, a chicken is killed (for example), the army would pay the farmer not only the price of the chicken, but for every egg that she could of laid.

And then you have all the military spending in their economy.  Their wages are from uncle sam, so money spent in the german economy was all in the good.

I would even get charged more for car repairs than my german neighbor.  

They really learned how to make that relationship work out for their benefit.

Behold the turtle. He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out.

                          -  James Bryant Conant

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The best way to avoid war is to become a good ally of Israel.  The Israelis and Jewish people are good people, kind, and inspirational.  Let them have the Middle East and don't criticize them.  Look at how big the Islamic empire is: it stretches through North Africa, all of the Middle East, Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, and Indonesia.  Let the Jewish people also have a respectable amount of land.  Look at how huge China is.  What if the only land the Chinese people had was the size of Israel?  Would that be fair?

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