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Good question: Will Obama Doctrine lead to a new Cold War? Ref: People’s Daily [Copy link] 中文

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Good question: Will Obama Doctrine lead to a new Cold War? Ref: People’s Daily

Mr White, this is an excellent article with clear cut expectations of a major market economic, China and its fair dinkum world or foreign policy well embedded for this joint Peaceful Development refinement of a region, typically the Asia-Pacific lane of Peace and Prosperities. It is also perceived that China has no substantial influences over the Atlantic and in that, it cannot pose any threat to any NATO party, economically and militarily.  ASEAN and The Far East nations, among themselves, have much lesser to fear about China’s growth since all have been living peacefully for ages that all of us can remember except in the past times when China, The Philippines, North Korea and Vietnam were invaded by foreign warring regimes.

Question: Australians can oppose the setting up of a US base in any part of Aussie lands, but why haven't the Aussies waken up to a detrimental development for Aussies to live with into the future?

Question: Should PM Gillard be sacked by the Aussies for spoiling the now clean beaches of Darwin to start with?  

Obama Doctrine is about a vote buying political game since he has NOT done or unable to do any good to keep America strong economically; but rather the ills of wall street have migrated from state to state and from ordinary folks to home-lost folks.

Question: What do US folks need an out-dated vision of late Presisdent Truman which is now named ‘Obama Doctrine’ to haunt themselvs again and again?

Topic is saying this:

U.S. President Barack Obama,the first U.S. leader to attend the East Asia Summit, recently announced a planto send 2,500 U.S. troops to Australia. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clintonproclaimed the 21st century "America's Pacific Century." The UnitedStates has taken a series of high-profile actions to "return" toAsia, which has attracted worldwide attention.

On Nov. 25, the Wall Street Journal published an article titled "The ObamaDoctrine" by Hugh White, a distinguished scholar and former deputy defenseminister of Australia. White believes that Obama's Asian adventure marks thebeginning of the Obama Doctrine and said that the Obama Doctrine "mirrorsthe geostrategic and political essence of the Truman Doctrine."

The Truman Doctrine was created to contain the Soviet Union and led to the ColdWar. The Obama Doctrine is aimed at containing China, and White believes thedoctrine is a "very serious mistake" as it commits the United Statesto a strategic confrontation that will cost it dearly.

To answer the question of whether Obama's foreign policy will lead to a newCold War, first we must grasp the general trend in today's world. Theinternational situation is complicated and constantly changing, with variousdazzling new trends.

The keyto grasping the general trend is to realize that the themes of the times arepeace and development, not wars or violent revolutions. Peace, development, andcooperation have become an unstoppable general trend, despite the existence ofconfrontation and conflict.

Second, the U.S.-Soviet Cold War was caused by two great powers vying for worldhegemony. China seeks no world hegemony and even has a national policy in placeexpressing its clear opposition to the practice. Furthermore, when given achoice between peace, development and cooperation on one hand, and Cold War,confrontation and conflict on the other, China firmly supports the former andopposes the latter. China will never have a new Cold War with the UnitedStates.

In addition, today's China-U.S. relations are fundamentally different fromU.S.-Soviet relations. The former U.S.-Soviet relations were dominated byhegemony, and today's China-U.S. relations are dominated by cooperation. Therewas no economic interdependence in the former U.S.-Soviet relationship.

U.S.-Soviet trade only amounted 4 billion U.S. dollars at the best times, whiletoday's China-U.S. trade is about 400 billion dollars. The Soviet Union did nothold U.S. Treasury bonds, and China is the largest holders of U.S. Treasurybonds at present. The former U.S.-Soviet relationship was constantlyundercutting each other but in the past 30 years of China's rise, China sharedthe result of economic growth with the world, including the United States, toachieve a win-win situation. China does not do this for expediency. This ispart of China's peaceful development strategy.

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