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Funny PS photos: when women ruling the world   [Copy link] 中文

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LCSULLA Post time: 2011-12-22 02:27
But, biut, but....

Bahugboto is completley right in his assesment, isn't he?

I think you should put up a better example like the Falkland wars, and Margaret Thatcher with all due respect was a completely clueless to foreign policy and national defense, when she came to office, but she is one of the rare moments where a woman could stand up and succeed in a field where men are generally better at, this have happenned sporadically throughout time whether by inheritance or chance but very rarely by ability, in Thatchers case i will put it down to her political ability and social flair, also a trait women rarely possess. But the decision making within the military, and financial sector are always determined by men, just because you have a figurehead like Obama running a country does not mean that he is actually pulling the strings himself, does it?

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superkylin Post time: 2011-12-22 00:01
Not bad, a good try, better than your last time examples of pinch girls and high school boys withou ...

Oh, why do you find the need to write two completely irrelevant replies, and not even at any one point try to refute what i just said? Are you consigned to the fact that I am absolutely right, so you reverted back to your genetic structure of talking and nagging alot but adding no substance to any discussion or debate whatsoever This just goes to further strengthen my point that female acts emotionally and thinks about irrelevant stuff when they are upset or get ticked. Now your silly attempts at digging at my personality only further exposes your ignorance and inability to hold a factual debate.

My experiments? none of the things i have said are my experiments, you confused little mental midget(mind my pun) They are based on scientific studies, and irrefutable statistical facts, again i repeat myself irrefutable statistical facts. Let me put out these facts again, please refute these before we go any further, i will do it in point form so your tinier brain size can comprehend.

Almost the entirety of inventors, and founders of mega corporations, innovators, and creators throughout history are men till this day, the numbers are so lopsided that any debate about social inequality contributing to this is moot.

When it comes to athleticism men are far superior to women just as when it comes to spatial intelligence. There have been plenty of recorded cases where little Junior high school students have completely evaporated a women Olympic champions, in track and field, high jumps, marathon etc, the discrepancy is not even close when it comes to the competitive comparison. If you pit a female against a male athlete in just about any sports or even intellectual games like chess etc, women will be completely and utterly crushed, this is a non debate to begin with which is why they have a male female separation of sports and intellectual games like chess in the first place.

And conclusions are naive like a little schoolboy? I want you to go ahead and break down every little details that i have just said, and as i said i will break you down with facts. You see, you are much too girly(forgive my pun because this might go flying over your head again) to understand the concept that nagging alone do not make a lie true, what matters are scientific research and true statistics that are irrefutable. You are afraid to debate me on this because even you are intelligent enough to understand that it will expose even more dirt on your weak assumptions. Please don't try to divert attention away from this topic by resorting to personal might work for you, but i am not interested in small insignificant petty name calling

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Superkylin my confused little friend with a brain-size that is around 12-14% smaller than mine, there is something call human gene structure that cannot be trashed by mere words. Every human being before they are born will be coded with genetic structure that will determine both our gender, and the way our human brain evolve. Even defects could be predicted by the unnatural union of human beings or genetic inheritance, Thalassemia is one example. Here you are telling me that we are different because of how society brought us up to be? and denying the existance of biology instead? You got to be a psychologist, a sociologist or a journalist, nothing you say make logical sense.

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bahugboto Post time: 2011-12-22 05:42
Oh, why do you find the need to write two completely irrelevant replies, and not even at any one po ...

Boy, Where's your homework? *serious teacher look*

You still don't know what is the difference between scientific comparison, and your-examples-hear-and-say-from-neihbourhood lacking of generalization?

And again failed to understand importance to bring up evidence--which is based on analysis and scientific comparison, rather than "I know lots of men who are like......blah blah"?

I see you didn't. You always get your head stuck in so many details about (emotional recognization and imaginary)excellence of men and you write so emotionally, instead of analysis with logic.

See, after I did clear and simple(enough for you to understand) analysis on each of your given examples, pointed out your mistakes, false theories in logical way and evidence, and you?  What did you do?

You fail to disprove any one of my arguments, and even fail to disprove my way of experiements.
And to avoid from failing from debate and working your head off (try) to understand logic. You just choose to escape, running away, by saying "those are irrelevant replies, irrelevant"...?

I wonder when you submit your exams, will you do the same? {:soso_e132:}

There was a middle school test for you:
A bear stumbled into a trap 19.617 meters deep. His falling time was only 2 seconds. What color was this bear?

I think your answer will be: this is totally irrelevant! irrelevant! Because you totally lack of logic.

Even I can beat you as a non-science student. (Though I don't feel too proud beating a middle school boy)

Don't you think you act like one of those women you described "nitpicking and can't think big " who only manage to weeping and nagging? where's your analysis, your study? your proof? Prove me now young boy, which arguments from me are you able to handle and disprove? I can make it easier for you if necessary.
Man of fearlessness, show me your logic, your eloquence, and a bit of your..well-funcioned brain providing it exist? {:soso_e120:}

Just remeber the fact that you never manage to scientific research and your just piling up here with more and more of your ex-apples, yeah keep on brainwashing yourself, yeah your getting there.

Poor boy, but you got to suffer and face reality one day when you grow up, right?

PS. I didn't read the message you sent me and deleted it by accident, what did you say there?

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superkylin Post time: 2011-12-22 13:38
Boy, Where's your homework? *serious teacher look*

You still don't know what is the difference b ...

You say the facts that i put out or irrelevant yet you refuse to refute them !

You are calling me to go back to school and criticizing my English, yet the more you post the more garbled your sentence become. Please go back and reread your post, it's becoming more and more incoherent and you expect me to acknowledge your reply as anything more than jargon?

I have listed the facts, men on average have 12-14% larger brain size and more brain neurons, than female, men are more physically adapt, men are far better in science, they are a far higher quantity of men geniuses than there are female geniuses, all these are indisputable facts and i have linked it all to purely genetics and no other explanations, if you are smart you wouldn't be grinding up against a brick wall or throwing me off topic with meaningless replies. You would have gone the other route and use facts and figures to make your own arguments, but the fact is the direction you seek to turn this debate, you probably can't.

Honestly the more you type the more you implicate your own dishonesty and validate further what i said, I am not going to stoop to your level in making personal attacks, when i am discussing topics of scientific relevance, I don't need to be sidetrack by someone who deny facts and make up irrelevant stories.

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Equality is good  .........

So let us have it with men and women running the same races at athletic events  ........

Or start to admit that there is an imbalance .......

If you want to argue that men are bigger than women ........

Either get a bigger woman  .......

Or admit the difference  ......

But it cannot be had both ways  .........   

What the world needs is more geniuses with humility, there are so few of us left  -   Oscar Levant

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bahugboto Post time: 2011-12-22 14:03
You say the facts that i put out or irrelevant yet you refuse to refute them !

You are calling  ...

Dear, I find you made an effort and try to googling answer, but you here's the left of article you "forgot" to paste--- ;)

"Almost all studies show that at birth, a boy's brain is bigger than a girl's brain. At birth, the average brain of boys is between 12-20% larger than that of girls. The head circumference of boys is also larger (2%) than that of girls.
However, when the size of the brain is compared to body weight at this age, there is almost no difference between boys and girls. So, a girl baby and a boy baby who weigh the same will have similar brain sizes."

And also this one---

"One difference between men and women's brains is size. Men's brains on average are 10 percent bigger than women's and have 4 percent more cells. women's brains contain more nerve cells and cellular connections, which allows their smaller, more compact brains to be more efficient and effective."
Smaller, but smarter? Bigger? and dummer? there you go. Stop your fantasy, and learn, really it is you who fail to put your illogic babblings coherent

Well well naughty boy, you distored facts and tried to put all positive traits of fetus to male fetus, didn't you? I understand cause it's normal for any male chauvinists, who dare not face the facts, they are in fact inferior.

Now just like you, I don't bother to argue with you and educate you about my scientific study, just copy and paste

"Men's brains tend to perform tasks predominantly with the left-side, which is the logical/rational side of the brain(which seems to fail on you?). Women, on the other hand, use both sides of their brains because a woman's brain has a larger corpus callosum, which means women can transfer data between the right and left hemispheres faster than men."

Umm can you tell me, which is supeiror? enough lesson for you today dear  and don't be sensitive, I didn't blame you or calling your name, be a good boy

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