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Funny PS photos: when women ruling the world   [Copy link] 中文

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bahugboto Post time: 2011-12-17 16:49
Which is also a reflection of why women have never and will never run the world  It is a caricatur ...

@5 & 6
See? that's why I find male chauvinists so boring {:soso_e120:}

they have no sense of humor, and no sense of self mockery from the women and designer....

and they might be illiterate too...cause obviously they overlooked the section is {:soso_e113:}

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"no men = no war = world peace"

Umm well there was a few British Queen and other bloodthirsty female  leaders

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sexist. and funny.
If you work for a living then why do you kill yourself working?

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superkylin Post time: 2011-12-17 23:20
@5 & 6
See? that's why I find male chauvinists so boring

Please, tell me what are women good for apart from looking good and selling their lbody? That's all women cares most about along with all the most nitpicking little stuff, women rarely have the ability to think big, which is why the Forbes 500 richest people list are dominated by men 95% of them. even in the richest 100 list the few women on the list inherited their wealth from daddy or hubby and have someone else run their inheritance for them, lets face it women are lesser to men in almost all aspect, we should admit this truth, if women were to run the world i mean from their own mentality as pictured from this satire, not just as a figurehead or puppet following the policies of men, the world will stagnate into some celestial beauty universe or something . So in reality that is simply not possible. As i said women and men are simply to different in their thinking and biology, women simply do not possess the right intelligence i.e macro thinking, right leadership qualities or fearlessness, to right or steady the ship, this has been the case throughout times, it's genetics not equality, nothing the social scientist or feminist can say that would make us any equal, despite the rise in equality in education among women to men today, women still by and large still hold jobs that do not effect invention or innovation in society, so as proven even with the rise in educated women, the jobs women hold are very much social and service based that has been expended largely over the years because of a more modern economy and not innovation, invention or engineering base, the core which human civilization advance. It doesn't mean women are useless, it just means that they excel at certain jobs that do not require much mental computing power.

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bahugboto Post time: 2011-12-19 10:53
Please, tell me what are women good for apart from looking good and selling their lbody? That's al ...
Please, tell me what are women good for apart from looking good and selling their lbody?

Well that you should ask their male customers who desperately in need for nothing meaningful, but overpaid for visual lust?
And remind you, men sell their body and looks too, and those men are up for nothing as well, except for selling body, there i put article "those" because I'm not narrowminded to generalize it to all men. That's a defect from male chauvinists like you?
Well have to admit that male prostitute share a smaller market as women, not because those male strippers or hookers are not hot and good looking, but because their target groups are bit smarter, and pay less attention to appearance?
Maybe that prove, women are wiser than men and have less chance to be shallow-minded?

It's really funnny you quote Forbes to prove your point of view. How many do you think get themselves listed in Forbes because their novelty and creation and they struggle from the lowest level to prove their ability, instead of their inherit from the same family name from a rich monopolies accumulated from generations?
I think you will sound more persuadable and smarter to me if you give me Norbel Prize list to prove how men outnumbers women in peace-loving? I'm not be stupid enough to quote you a list of Crimes Against Humanity and point out how many men have taken places in that list, to prove men are born to be destructive and retarded.

I have to point out, all the traits you talking about(computing power, fearlessness, competitive sense in business, innovetion, leadership crap) are not related to any of inherent traits or genes. Can you tell such leadership and computing power from a male fetus? Or can you tell me how nitpicking a female fetus can be in future?
No. Then if they do not belong to inherent / gene traits, then your points of men are genetically better in some talents, you didn't go and find reasons, but only listed already existing  has no ground, you lose even before i start.

It's all about education and how they are brought up. Therefore this very simple fact proves your examples are based on nothing. They are all related to education, family background, society. And, now it is still patrilineal society. So your values and society opinions are all based on this. Once they are born and brought up in society they are inevasibly influenced by society and social values--which is still mainly male dominated, why do you think there's still call for male female equality, and nomination chart for the most
equal countries (in scandinavian), because they haven't been treated equally from the beginning.

If you ever did any highschool bio lab tests you should have known how to make comparison?

A simple experiment you can try to help you understand better, suppose your precondition of "men are born better than women in leadership, computing blah blah"stands a ground.
Then you have two kids, girl and a boy, educate a girl like a guy, tell her to be aggressive and to compete all the time, tell her she's born to conquer the world, provide her best education and business background, while educate this boy as a girl, let the boy start to dress up and go to some arts crafts school, whenever he fights back or act aggressive, blame him as rude, ashame him and brainwash him with social value of family and marriage, what do you get?
An agressive business woman far more"successful" and a male-wuss who only knows how to knits? And that's how the world in general educate girl and boy and treat them unequally.

Of course, I put quotation on success, because this success in business is only defined as narrowminded value in a male dominant world, and after which men blindly follow, and judget others based on this already chewed value, also your background I believe.
Therefore a simple fact why more men are listed in Forbes? 1. Men are expected
more by society and therefore provided with more resources and opportunities, either from family or from society. 2. Men do perform better in aggressiveness--as brought up this way, and in business, aggressiveness and background are more important no matter wherever you live
3. Forbes value reflects prevailing male dominated worldvalue, which is not too different from starting of patriarchal system, when men's strength in getting resource are required and seen as good value. I don't see too much difference among that kind of man, vs a male tribal chief some 4000 years ago. Therefore Forbes thing is a result, not an evidence.

I find your example here is like, when people ask why there are more boys than girls born in china, and you answer them like "yeah because the boy and girl porpotion is 120:100"? do you think that make sense?

You were just drawing conclusion based on results, and also based your current value and examples-which were actually already imposed and influenced by a male dominant world, they fed you brain full, that makes you unable to absorb anything more. That your explaining an phenomenon with existing phenomenon, and explain value based on value, instead of thinking out of the box. Now who's the one unable to think big?

And also there's another juvenile part from your post....."Think big?"  How big is big? Can you name a few big thinks? are you working for inventing newstalk or ever worked for Pravda? Can you measure big think and define it? Besides that how big can you work out and realize, besides just thinking?
I sometimes believe some women are bit more down to earth, they know they need to go back home earlier and feed some juvenile male partner who have been tired out thinking big all day and sersiously discuss with his male comrades in little tavern, So tired that later he has to go back home to sink in sofa and watch a tv.

Let's look at the fact, because of education and society background is the only reason to make a difference, I think the only thing can measure superiority and inferiority of men and women, is happen to be gene. And funny thing is, you have to admit, male are inferior when it comes to genes.
1. Male fetus have lower surival rate by natural, than female..a lose in birth
2. Men are by natural more fragile and sensative to pain and injury than women.
3. Men are born to have worse endurance than men
Men(and male animals in general) are born to have a much shorter life than their female species, because female are biologically better organized than men.
5. Y chromosome is degrenating and expected to vanish
6. Men are born less humorous than women and more likely to panic about losing power of control (refer to this thread)

Facts have spoken, gene has proven, there is genetical unfairness and it is men who suffer, as reluctant as men may admit, they are born inferior biologically. Because in living world survival is the first step, when you already lose at step 1, why fantasy do you expect afterwards?

Of course men know this, so when they start their domination in world, and take over the power of media(by force in the very beginning) they never give up a chance to brainwash women, telling them they are biologically worse in computing power, in data, in intellengence, and best thing for them is marriage, they invent all kinds of craps from body to soul, to enslave women, from chastity belt to feet binding, from africa to europe, from bibel to Confucius, they never stop. because without those, they cannot make their way and feel better control from women.

Also I think you might be too nervous, or scared of this...parody art--have any idea of what is parody? Poor male chauvnists...the little photoshoped imaginary women dominated world can scare the hell out of them, just like clowns from circus can scare off some little kids.

I wonder are there any other man full of leadership  fearlessness, also scared of these stuff? And how boring they are, to be scared off by these parody pictures,  truly boring {:soso_e113:} go back to your mom

(now sorry for this loong reply in this thread)

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