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China needs to grow domestic credit in a step by step manner [Copy link] 中文

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The end of the Iraq war, means the START OF THE PEACEFUL world.

This is only possible with VIGILENCE in China and rest of the big powers.
As we can see, much of the BIG POWERS has prepared "Expeditionary Forces" ready to help in keeping the Peace in the Mesopotamia.

The region now is very fluid, and is war ravaged.
But that's another matter.

As for China, and Asian Trade Route State plus the EU.
It's time for "sustainable" credit growth again.
China for example need to add about US$600 billion a year average till year 2020, and gain approximately US$15 Trillion GNP.
Add this to the STIMULUS expected in Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and Singapore especially the BEYOND PETROLEUM strategy, Economic growth will be STEADY and PROGRESSIVE.


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The US is at $14 Tril now. IF China can get ANYWHERE near that in 8 years, I agree.

As far as credit, China is the WORLD BANKER now and will remain as such until and if world conflict erupts and isolates her. Unfortunately the reality is UTOPIA IS A MIND SET, not REALITY.

World conflict is very plausible with the western nations all suckling her teet. Those western BANKERS and WAR DOGS are not new at this game as I know you know.

You do not need to repay the bank if the bank is no longer there to repay.

Or if they are circling the bank with all their HIRED guns. AT which point many of the terms are SETTLED in their favor.

I like your scenario much better. Lets hope it comes to pass.

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The situation is very fluid, BUT we have to understand TWO TRENDS

No.1 China is catching up in the ICE Age. However China would need to ensure sufficient domestic supply and avoid sabotage of foreign supply.
No.2 The USA, EU, British Club, ATRS needs to keep the gap with the introduction of ROBOT age and all the necessary preparation. With the new INDUSTRY of R-3, R-2 robots - US$ mint could grow further. (I estimate, USA could have a per capita income of US$90,000 in year 2050!)

Like a BABY, it must learn to crawl before it can walk and then run!
The world all over is LIKE THAT.
We have to be careful of INTERNAL and EXTERNAL THREATS to China's prosperity.

External in form of FOREIGN POWERS agenda, and INTERNAL pecking order games - limiting China's internal capacity! The EMPERORS of ancient China did not have such problem, but as China became more sophisticated - FACTIONAL problems caused China's stagnation!


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Watch and make personal conclusions.

Singapore's latest crisis.

Mass rapid transit chaos!
Citizens now think up "issues"...........

Electric transportation, Back up system in case of failures........
Electric generation, dependent on the few Electric Generation plants, or does Singapore need Back Up Generators, what kind is needed? District Utilities, Fuel Cells.

Remember! They learn very well after the WATER CRISIS issue with Malaya.
I had HELPED Singapore, but a HUGE COST to my livelihood, family, and friends.

This time, they'll have to do it on their own!


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These is a nice caption.


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