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Fox News Viewers Know Less Than People Who Don't Watch Any News-Huffington Post   [Copy link] 中文

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{:soso_e176:}Fox News Viewers Know Less Than People Who Don't Watch Any News: Study 11/21/11

Fox News viewers are less informed than people who don't watch any news, according to a new poll from Fairleigh Dickinson University.
The poll surveyed New Jersey residents about the uprisings in Egypt and the Middle East, and where they get their news sources. The study, which controlled for demographic factors like education and partisanship, found that "people who watch Fox News are 18-points less likely to know that Egyptians overthrew their government" and "6-points less likely to know that Syrians have not yet overthrown their government" compared to those who watch no news.
Overall, 53% of all respondents knew that Egyptians successfully overthrew Hosni Mubarak and 48% knew that Syrians have yet to overthrow their government.
Dan Cassino, a political science professor at Fairleigh Dickinson, explained in a statement, "Because of the controls for partisanship, we know these results are not just driven by Republicans or other groups being more likely to watch Fox News. Rather, the results show us that there is something about watching Fox News that leads people to do worse on these questions than those who don’t watch any news at all."
This isn't the first study that has found that Fox News viewers more misinformed in comparison to others. Last year, a study from the University of Maryland found that Fox News viewers were more likely to believe false information about politics.

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Fox News Viewers in this forum.

I know at least two.

Sausuk skunk aka Satanic cultist sansukong and smithi. ;P;P

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Huffington Post
Kathryn Dawson

How Cable News Made Me Lose My Religion and My Mother
Posted: 11/22/11

My mother passed away five months ago at the age of 80. Despite her advancing age and the knowledge that this day must eventually come, I always knew it would be one of the most difficult moments of my life, and it was. In fact, the pain of losing her has far exceeded my expectations.
I was lucky to have had a very close relationship with my mother for a good part of my life. I grew up in a rural farming region in central Virginia. Along with normal activities such as hunting and listening to country music, the values of God and country were strongly instilled. Due to my mother's influence I became very involved in my church as a teenager, and the shared activities created a strong bond between us. Mom indoctrinated me against communism, the dangers of alcohol and premarital sex. She taught me that America was "God's country."
With this background in God, country and family values, I found myself at a very conservative Bible College after high school. But despite the insularity of that experience, I eventually began to question some of the teachings that, quite frankly, had never made sense to me, such as the subservient role of women, hell, the literal interpretation of the Bible and the exclusive "truth" of evangelical Christianity. These slowly made me rethink my upbringing and the door to the possibility that there might be other "truths" out there cracked open.
After graduation, I took my first job in a small college where I met people who thought dramatically different from me, Muslims, Catholics, Mormons even atheists. I quickly found that they believed their "truths" as strongly as I believed mine. Some even tried to convert me to their way of thinking, and to large degree they were successful. Within a few years my beliefs had changed radically. I came to see that one's beliefs were mostly a product of one's upbringing, culture and place in history. In a word, I began to lose my religion.
My new beliefs and lack of Christian belief had ripened by the early 1990s, and I began to test the waters with my mother. Throughout my teens even with her faith and piety she had always been extremely open-minded, so I felt I could chance challenging her thoughts with some of my new thoughts. In retrospect, however, that decision signaled the beginning of the end to the close bond we had always shared.
Initially mom listened to me with interest, offering patient explanations why I was wrong. We would have civilized discussions, agreeing to disagree the majority of the time. In all honesty, I did not share with her the entirety of my changing religious beliefs as it would have hurt her severely, but when it came to social and political issues, I was less reticent. We had heated discussions about abortion, the death penalty, illegal immigration and health care, all the while maintaining civil discourse.
Until the late 1990s my relationship with my mother remained largely intact. But then she discovered Fox News and Rush Limbaugh, and I could not have anticipated the devastating way this would change our relationship.

In a short amount of time my open-minded and compassionate mother became someone I no longer knew or understood. She became strongly anti-immigrant, anti-choice, pro-gun, pro-corporation, and perhaps worst of all, she lost her concern for the less fortunate. The influence of Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, and the other conservative talking heads had overwhelmed and transformed her.
Our discussions became more heated, often ending in a battle of words.
It often felt strained to spend time together. During visits we would battle over the television. She pushed her agenda with Fox News, and to be honest, I pushed mine with Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. Still I wondered, where had this loving woman who raised me gone? What had made her lose sight of the teachings of Christ about the poor and disadvantaged? I firmly believe that after years of imbibing this type of programming her mind had been poisoned.
But they didn't just poison her mind, they also took her money. As I now focus on settling my mother's affairs, I handle a half dozen pieces of mail per day from various right wing organizations. I've learned that this woman of meager means regularly contributed to political organizations, think tanks, PACs and other groups endorsed by her beloved Fox News.
Although it pains me now, I remember once remarking to my husband that the country would be a better place when her generation was gone. Of course, I didn't mean that I wanted my mother or any particular person of her generation to die. I simply meant that this "greatest generation" who had nobly led the world through two World Wars had become the targets of unscrupulous and ill-intentioned media shysters.
When my mother had a stroke last winter, I was thoroughly devastated. Facing the loss of this woman who had meant so much to me for so long left me feeling hollow and ashamed. Why did our last years together have to be so conflict ridden?
As much as I miss her I feel the sweetness of our relationship was tainted by unnecessary conflict over religion and politics for the last 10 years or so. I don't know what's been worse -- the pain of losing her, or the pain over our lost connection. Perhaps this is why her passing has been so very difficult for me. I don't think I had ever grieved the loss of our close relationship until now.
In the four months after my mother's stroke, her body slowly recovered but her mind did not. But in those final months she no longer cared about politics or religion. Neither did I. The only thing that really mattered was taking care of her, making sure that she had everything she needed -- which was my love and devotion. I did my best to give her both

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Russia Today

Fox News calls pepper spray a food product

23 November, 2011

If you’re hungry for some last-minute holiday recipes before Thanksgiving comes around, look no further than the Fox News channel.

If you turned your tube to the news network yesterday, you would have heard personality Megyn Kelly reveal that pepper-spray makes a dandy seasonal treat.

Commenting on Friday’s assault on protesters at the University of California, always eloquent and thought provoking Fox analyst Kelly said that she didn’t quite get what all the hubbub was about.

“It's, like, a derivative of actual pepper," she told Bill O’Reilly on Monday. "It's a food product, essentially."

A food product nearly 20 times stronger than the hottest habanero pepper, linked to deaths, can cause cell and eyeball damage and issued to the US military, that is. Sounds scrumptious.

This of course leads one to wonder why protesters are complaining that police used, you know, essentially a food product on them at point-blank range during a peaceful sit-in on Friday. Sure, two people were hospitalized and the actions from campus cops have led to two officers so far being placed on administrative leave, but wasn’t it tasty?

Oh, Megyn.

Adding more analysis to the incident which has since caused international outrage, Kelly said “I don't know if from a legal standpoint the cops did anything wrong." In addition to their dismissal, however, the chancellor of UC Davis has since publically apologized and thousands of students have rallied for her resignation.

"I'm here to apologize. I feel horrible for what happened Friday," Chancellor Linda Katehi told a crowd on Monday. "If you think you don't want to be students of the university we had on Friday, I'm just telling you, I don't want to be the chancellor of the university we had on Friday."

Of course this isn’t the first time that Kelly dumbed down the weaponry as something not worth screaming in agony over. During the assaults on protesters in New York City during the early days of Occupy Wall Street, Kelly called cries and screams coming from injured demonstrators an “overreaction” and has repeatedly criticized participants for their involvement in the movement.

And if you’re wondering what delicacies to douse this holiday season with pepper spray, keep in mind that protester David Buscho, 22, tells the Associated Press that the blast he suffered last week at UC Davis left him “powerless to do anything” and tasted “like hot glass.”

From all of us at RT, we suggest pairing a few bursts of Defense Technology Corp’s MK-4 pepper spray dispenser with stuffing this season. We recommend a cabernet as well to cleanse the palate in between gulps of that exquisite, burning glass taste.

If you did manage to catch Kelly’s discussion of the police’s totally legitimate use of excessive force yesterday, you might not know exactly what she was talking about, though. A new poll from Farleigh Dickinson University reveals that resides of New Jersey that go to Fox for their news are less informed than those who watch no news altogether.

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I always use some Pepper Spray when I cook, really spices up my food !
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Glenn Beck is the best
Just watch this video:

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