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Rich oversea Chinese are returning home [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by magnetic1974 at 2011-11-18 00:07
China, Thailand, Burma,  Cambodia, and Vietnam are our neighbors not master you foool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, we had been living togethers for overs thousands of years.

I hope your are smarter than your previous ancestesr and othewise you will screw up again. Yeah Vietnames kick the fat asss France out, because they neighbors Laos, Cambodia USSR  and  China helped  them to fought the gollila war against the imperialism and greedy France. They are all the way in Europe and why the hech tried to came to Asia and tell us what to do and that why we can't accept that shiiit! and who the hech they thinks they are after the Dien Bien Phu the France had learns the bitter lesson  and that why they don't want to fight the war with Asian anymore.

I don't need to be good in  English and what for?. I have my own language and culture and I m proud! of that,   all I need  to learns engllish is  just for  communication across point A to point B and that good enough. I am intelligent enough to builts my own gas turbine engine, generator, motor and others electrical equipments. I had been studied science since I was in Laos, I went to US for two main reason makes money and get more education, and nothing els. I been there more than 20 years I knows very thing  about US and I don't thinks i want to raise my family and children there and that why I took out all of my investment since 2003 and moved to China.

Only the pethetic fool and crackhead want to stay in US forever!!! not the smart and intelligent people like myself and others who knows they indentity and where the came from, those who now want to moved to US good luck! and once you get there you will realize that you cannot educate your children there, because the US society is full of violence  and drug. All the children in US are not focus on education, because the society set them  up that way, to ruin they lives.

I am happy that my family din't brought me there until I was teenager and otherwise I will end up being crackhead, drug addict like moonplace or moon cake

I was just quoting you you wrote "Laos will be better off to be under China rule". Your words, not mine. That shows you see China as your master, not your neighbor.

As for Vietnam, this country never lost a war in the long run, they are proud unbeatable people who managed to get their freedom against so many empires (including the chinese empire). Using the term fat ass to describe french people shows you know little of the western countries as french are the slenderest european (it is actually called the french paradox, we eat cheese and cream and sauce but we don't get fat, even though I am fat ). And as for the ass kicking, Vietnam lost 20 times more lives than France in this conflict. They might have won, wouldn't call it ass kicking though. To be very honest I was actually quite shocked and surprised when I went to Vietnam this year and the tour guide, who didn't know I was french as there were people from all nationalities and I was the only french there, said "the french did lot of good things in Vietnam, they did bad things too, but mostly good things, compared to americans who only did bad things". Useless to say that if a frenchman was to say that he would be called a neocolonialist and that's why I was surprised to hear that in the mouth of a vietnamese (and then after confirmed by other vietnamese but they knew I was french so they may not have been very honest in their answers).

As for english, I am not saying you need to speak good english, I just wonder how come, after living 20 years in the US and studying there, your english is not better than that. You also write "I had been studied science since I was in Laos, I went to US for two main reason makes money and get more education". You are implying the superiority of the US over your own country as, you say it yourself, you can make more money in the US and you can get more education (meaning it is limited in Laos ?).

I have no problem with you being a patriot, I just wish you would not spit on ALL westerners and you would respect a little bit the country that helped you get more education (as you put it yourself). I complain a lot about France but I will always be grateful to France for allowing me to get what I think was a good education.

The reason I bother replying to you is because I actually think you're intelligent, I only wish it could be possible to actually have a conversation. I am sure you had some good times in the US and that some things were nice there, I wonder why you choose to only see the negative. How would you feel if I only chose to see the negative in China ? Every place has positive and negative, it is up to you to decide on how to look atit.

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Originally posted by magnetic1974 at 2011-11-17 02:58 AM
You are pethetic fooool don't you know that jet engine such as turbo jet its actually the gas generator. You english migth be  better than me, but its doesn't  mean you are marter than  me than any ...

It doesn’t matter how long you try to learn a foreign language it’s not easy. Many successful scientists &
engineers are not adept in languages. Just because someone’s command of English isn’t brilliant doesn’t mean he is not a respected professional in his field.

I understand all your posts Magenetic. It’s the meaning that’s important.  After all, English is not your first
language & you are doing just fine.  Keep posting.

On another note, do you think there are other reasons why people return to their birthplace from the West?

Is it possible that many Asians’ careers are stifled in terms of missing out on promotion & meaningful
Watch your thoughts, for they become words.

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Originally posted by grb at 2011-11-14 20:36
you do not home your home in china. the commie government can take it at any time they want to.

Yup. This post makes no sense.

In the US, like every other country, your home can be taken if you do not own and the bank does. It's called foreclosure.

The US does however have absolute property ownership, and if you buy a home in cash or pay off the mortgage, you are the ultimate owner and it cannot be taken away except for public development (eminent domain), and only then with above market rate compensation. In China your home can be taken with compensation far below the market rate, and for private development, eg. to build a new factory.

If this is a true story, he was probably just telling you what you wanted to hear. ... ontent_14023460.htm

Also ironic, Chinese complain about others sowing ethnic discord in China, yet promote it non stop in every other country. They go even further back than the most belligerent Tibetan separatist. I've never heard an American, or anyone, demand the Natives of Hianan or Taiwan get independence or recover a separate language and culture, even though they were brutally colonized and conquered by mainland Chinese. Instead the only concern is for the will of modern people who are alive, not stirring up old conflicts of people who now consider themselves Chinese.

Through arguing with CCP apologists online, I've seen them engage in every single hypocrisy they so deride in others.

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Originally posted by seneca at 2011-11-19 11:37
Just curious, Attaattila:

Do you see lots of Chinese immigrants? Do they speak Hungarian? What is their livelihood? What about the Hungarians' perception of those foreigners?

Yep there is  a lot of them in cities , mostly they run small businesses, shops, restaurants etc . The first generation is like they living in their own country even if they speak the language a little, but both the Chinese and the Hungarian is  a closed society so it is not a surprise ,  the second generation is totally,integrated however and I think  it would be damn hard for them to return to China, because government bashing here is a daily sport. The Chinese and the Hungarian culture is really opposite, this is why I want to understand Chinese culture, maybe I will go there for  a long vacation next year. So it seems to me that while the Chinese see the World from rose-colored glasses we see it from a Grey-colored one, but we are always right ,aren't we?    :)

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Retard panda

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What an extremist you are!

Every year so many people all around the world immigrate to America to chase for their American dreams. Perhaps your feeling that you are in secondary class is mainly due to your deficiency to accustom to American society.

The fact that nobody has the right to force to uphold a country you don't like is same as you could't smear a mechanism you are not familiar with.

If you are eager to prove that America lags behind China, which may be scorned by majority, you'd better put up with solid evidence.

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