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china needs to let christian missionaries in [Copy link] 中文

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In Conclusion...

Papal apologises notwithstanding...

Given the history of Christianity for not respecting other cultures and religion...
Given it's use of violence in proselytizing both in the past and in the present (US soldiers in Iraq spreading Christianity)
Given the present and intolerant aggressive attitudes of the fundamentalists
Given the tardiness of the Vatican in dealing with sex scandals among its own priests
Given that there are no more Matteo Ricci's alive

It is in China's interest to keep its doors closed to Christianity until these so-called Christians begin to behave like True Christians.

I would suggest that China create it's own Chinese Christian religion just as King Henry VIII created the Church of England. And just as China was one of the first countries to allow Women Imams (unheard of in Muslim world), I also suggest that China allow women to become priests in their Chinese Catholic church...

It's that simple....but take courage...

Part 5

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Originally posted by ganzhuolin at 2011-10-23 21:51
Papal apologises notwithstanding...

Given the history of Christianity for not respecting other cultures and religion...
Given it's use of violence in proselytizing both in the past and in the p ...

An interesting post providing a catch-all of negativity surrounding the various churches .... though you seem quite happy to intersperse activities of Catholics, and protestants from dozens of different churches. They are not one and the same.

As for the model of the Church of England (Kind Henry VIII) created in the 16th Century ... ? Most of the Christians from the UK that were proselytizing in China during the colonial years were just that - Anglicans from the Church of England.  Throughout almost all of Britain's colonial expansion e.g. their early years in Africa, was supported by Anglican missionaries.

Also, there has been women priests in the Church of England for the best part of 20 years.

The Catholic church is a whole different story.

You might want to reconsider your model. Or either read up on your history so that you don't just throw them altogether to suit whatever agenda you may have (assuming you didn't know already). It's a bit like doing an analysis of communism (history) and throwing China in with the USSR (and others) to reach the conclusion that communism in China is necessarily a 'very bad' thing.

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Japan can prosper without Christians and missionaries.

But China cannot prosper without Christians and missionaries.

somebody got to do a PhD thesis and tell me why. hahahahahahahahahahaha

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Reply #58 Revolutionar's post

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Originally posted by lebeast at 2011-10-23 17:05
atheism without ethics is a dog eat dog world

confucian ethics would be a good place to start

atheist have they own belief , Atheist is just another believer.
Things are not black and white as you westerners like to see it.
China is more spiritual than Vatican itself , but spirits in China are not Catholic origin of course.

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Oh, no, you're very much off the mark.....!

To Post #67

Where China is concerned Catholic and non-Catholic missionaries are one and the same. The commonality in my post that embraces ALL branches of Christianity, especially for China, is what Andrew Ross says, "To the arrogant imperialist expansion of nineteenth century Europe it (Ricci's vision) was nonsense."

You think Catholics are different and so these non-Catholic branches of Christianity were immune from that arrogance and imperialist expansion? And that includes the descendants of Henry VIII's Church of England who went to China as missionaries? I certainly hope you don't believe that or you really need to go back to your history books.

These non-Catholic Christians rode the coattails of the imperialistic forces into China and when the country and people were devastated offered a bowl of rice to any Chinese who became a Christian, hence the term 'rice bowl Christian'. They flocked to China en masse eager to become martyrs to their own cause and win stars to heaven by saving a 'heathen Chinee'. How much respect could they have for the people and their culture with such an attitude? Your history books are replete with such patronising and condescending drivel.

Pearl Buck, the daughter of missionaries herself charged that these missions were a Form of Imperialism in her books Fighting Angel and The Exile. Mark Twain also held the belief that these missionary missions were a 'front for Imperialism.' In his article "To the Person Sitting in Darkness," published in the North American Review, 1901, he attacks Western imperialism as it was manifesting itself in South Africa, China, Cuba and the Phillipines. He goes on to name the villains -  from McKinley to the Czar and the Kaiser - and their INSTRUMENTS, namely missionary missions. He had special words for a Reverend Ament, a Congregationalist minister affiliated with the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions. And they were not Catholics!

What has all of this to do with today? Well, that repulsive attitude hasn't changed, has it?

Why are some american soldiers armed with guns and bibles, and after invading and conquering Iraq, trying to convert the populace to Christianity? You've not heard of this? Look it up... And I don't think they're Catholic soldiers...

Why does a certain group of Christian Koreans barge off to Afghanistan to convert the 'heathen Afghani'? What could prompt them to do such a dangerous thing if not a belief that their Christan God is 'superior', and by implication they are also. Not to mention the martyr factor... How much respect are they showing for the Afghanis and their culture and religious beliefs...? And they're not Catholics...

Pope Paul 11 apologised to the Chinese for the 'negative' behaviour of his church. Good for him, good for his God, and good for the Vatican. The Vatican can talk the talk, But can they walk the walk? Only time will tell. And China, quite rightly, should just observe and in the meantime create it's own Catholic Church that allows women to be priests.

Now has any of these other non-Catholic branches of Christianity (behaving no differently as the Catholics) done the same, and apologised? Or do they think that their behaviour in China was 'positive'?

If they do then China doesn't need them. Because their behaviour is still 'arrogant, imperialist and expansionist'...

Oh, here's another quote from Kang Xi commenting on the attitudes of the missions of his day, "Why should there be differences between the various nationalities (missionaries) and various religious institutes and communities, when they are worshippers of the same Deity? If they live and work together they will not compete as rivals."

Still relevant today, isn't it? Makes good sense, doesn't it? Except, of course, to Christians, Catholic and non-Catholic, who still harbour feelings of arrogance and superiority. And if not those then feelings 'of patronising and condescending'....

China doesn't need that. Especially those who have the agenda of turning Chinese Christians against Chinese mu.slims...

My agenda? Historical truth...and you've just read it...

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