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china needs to let christian missionaries in [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by seneca at 2011-10-23 11:32

If your Dad and Mum don't know what's wrong and what's right, then whom do you turn to for advice?

Like saying non religious ppl don't know what is right or wrong,are you a missionary perhaps?

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I believe China needs more empathy - so people should start taking more responsibility for their lives and the lives of the people sourrounding them - even strangers. This includes not spitting to the ground, being friendly (even if others are not) or help a child if it is run over by a car.
Christianism is of course a religion that emphasizes exactly on such things - love thy neighbour. But becoming Chirstian is certainly not the only way for people to learn to take more responsibility for their environment. Certain schools from other religions teach the same - and a good family with parents who love their children, don't get hurt if they break rules and never condemn them, is much better for a child to develop such traits than any relgion.

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Originally posted by Revolutionar at 2011-10-24 12:31
I have the distinct impression that in China anyone can be a moslim, Christain or practise any religion he wants.

freedom to practice the religion of their choice based on their own free wi ...

Japan has a strong Christian community.

When in China, I wanted to attend church on Sunday mornings. Problem was that I could never find a church  

   jia na da ren
jia na da ren

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empathy refers to vicarious introspection, a process by which we accurately mentally represent the mental life of another in our mind

it does not strictly imply sympathy, compassion or altruism

war generals use empathy to great effect

what is lacking in the example of yue yue is altruism

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China Watch:

It is a privilege to share a few words about Christianity as a whole bcause all people know that there is a God Who created everything seen and unseen and is in Control of the Universe or else u and me all could have been sunk into the bottomless pit. The one who tried to challenge God has been defeated and thrown down to earth and acts using human weaknesses as his weapons to destroy human beings as what we see happening in the world today. In the sight of God all are at par, Christian or non-christian. The point is there is good and bad in everyone of us including me. Chinese character eleven (十一) positive(十) negative(一)  and as human beings , if we align with positive (十) the devil would have little or no chance to use human weaknesses as weapons to destroy humankind .

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2000 years of European and North African Christian Violence

Look at Mexico: 99% Catholic Christians believing in God. Look at the many hundreds of thousands of lives wasted in the Mexico Drug War. After gun fights, the gang thugs pray to Jesus and Virgin Mary, then they feel they are free from any guilt. They feel they are the most moral even they have murdered so many lives. Christianity makes people think they are morally better, while they are factually not. Christianity is part of the problem, not the solution.

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China Needs

I think not only China needs but the wole world needs people trying to see both sides of Coin and keeping each and everyone's APE(anger,pride and envy or ape,pig or elephant) at bay because the defeated enemy, Devil or Satan could use an individual's anger between people and nations to dominate each other, just like big fish trying swallow smaller fish.

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