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How indifferent can people be? [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by alicebrooke at 2011-10-17 18:27
the life of this little girl tragically killed.

She wasn't tragically killed she was murdered.

Based on the driver's statement he knew exactly what he was doing and that's cold-blooded, premeditated murder. (And that's what he should be charged with)

And let that be a lesson for anyone who thinks he's better off with a dead child/person than an injured one.
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Originally posted by longzhou at 2011-10-17 17:59
this is a reality in China. Some people just ignore others in difficult situations. I have already written here what happened to me in Gunagdong when I stopped to see what had happened to someone ...

Oh dear  .............

How did a horrible thing like this happen .........  ?

Why are Chinese like this ........ ?

The answer maybe partly lies in the attitude of the driver in knowing the cost of a human life in money, and the fact that hospital bills can continue indefinitely .........

Even though the law is very harsh on leaving the scene of an accident (7 years jail) .........

The second part is what you mentioned yourself ..........

If you become involved it can mean that you will end up being the reason or cause of the accident/incident and Chinese people are terrified of picking up the tab for something someone else did .........

I don't believe that the Chinese as a nation are heartless  ........

Selfish sometimes/most of the time on the road as in seneca's post .........

But the problem is one I believe based on empirical evidence of how Chinese law has dealt with those who want to help out of compassion and have paid the consequences ...........

This is one rumour that all Chinese know ..........

If you help out it could be you that pays the cost ........

Not a good lesson unfortunately ............     

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My case.......once more!

It was a rainy night and we had a long day in the factory. On my way back home at 11pm, down the G105 road I saw something that looked like a bundle of clothes in the middle of the road. I slowed down approaching the "bundle". As soon as the headlights of my car spotted the obstacle it turned out to be a person there. I immediatelly lit up the emergency stoppers of my car. Jumped out in the middle of the road and rushed to attend. The man was dead already! I went back in the car and dialed 110. I told the police my situation and who I was. It took the 1st police car to arrive around 15 minutes. In that time not a single car that passed stopped although I stood out in the rain near the body. When the police arrived they asked me how I hit the guy. I told them I didn't and that I just stopped to assist. The police asked me then why I stopped if I didn't hit the guy. I explained once again. A second patrol arrived. A third patrol car, and obviously, some people. They all started arguing how much I should pay to the family. As the situation was getting rather strange for me, Ic alled our company's local purchasing manager to come. The first thing he asked is how I hit the guy. I explained the story for the zillions time. He told me I was stupid! He ordered me to get in the car and let it to him.  After something like 30 minutes of seeing them argue and running a full check of all parts of the car and seeing really that there was no obvious sign on it...he comes back and says "We are lucky! I solved it with the family. We will pay 10 thousand rmb!" "Pay? Why do we have to pay? I stopepd to assist and get the blame?" "You see, here if you are not responsible you don't stop...if you do is becuase in one way or another you are responsible"

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I am not too surprised or shocked. Why not, you may wonder?

Well, I have been around on this Chinese forum for some time, and I know what many modern Chinese are like!

No surprise, no shock.

But I am sad.
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Me, no so shock but sad. These years some women so easy to take abortion ---

killing their own babies. How can you expect people care for other's lives.

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