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Why US ignore "Revolution in its own backyard"? [Copy link] 中文

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Why US media merit slow reaction to "Revolution in its own backyard"?

By Li Hongmei  

Since September 17, the almost one-month-old Occupy Wall Street movement has grown well beyond the Wall Street, threatening to overwhelm the States.  

More and more Americans are stepping up to involve in the crusade said to represent the 99 percent downtrodden populace airing their grievances on such a life tightly held in capitalism and, telling their stories of such too much student debt, trouble getting a job, or no health insurance. Many are seen in the ongoing protests holding the sign with a clear political appeal -- seeking to eliminate inequality and unfairness in the existing American political and economic systems.   

Media outside of the United States are trying to describe the outburst as an indicator of eroding American Dream, a time-honored ideal encouraging hard work and scratching from nothing, and a notion that if one works hard enough, one will reap the rewards. Some even compare the Occupy Wall Street, which is also labeled online as American Awakening or American Revolution, to the political protests rocking the Arab world and call it a U.S. version of the Arab Spring.

"Ever since the Arab Spring, many people here have been pining for an American Autumn," says Charles Blow in The New York Times.

What strikes us as odd is that the muckraking-crazy US media seem to have lost their sensitive news nose amid the spreading protests descending on their own soil. Mainstream American media of either turn a completely blind eye or try to play down the mass unrest storming their own streets.  

This is just in a violent contrast with their eagerness to hype up the mass events of such kind, of course, if they all occurred in other countries. The rarely mute and subdued practice of the US mainstream media is also in departure with tenets of their oft-sung 揻ree media.?They even show some reluctance to go figure in covering the Wall Street protests which a new poll shows that most Americans sympathize with.

Some have even gone so far as to insult people taking to the streets as 搃diots?

揧ou idiots got yourselves into debt making stupid choices and taking out loans for useless arts degrees. Many of you probably lived off of your parents for 25 years and never worked a day in your pathetic lives. You are complaining about being broke, in debt, and not having healthcare. Yet you can afford to sip starbucks while you type stupid messages on your MacBook Pro's.

Adult life is about responsibility. You weren't responsible and now you want the government to take care of you,?wrote a US newspaper website in its special coverage on Occupy Wall Street.  

Perhaps, mass unrest and revolution are alien to American soil and should always be foreign labels the US media feel like pouncing upon when storms squall up on other lands.  

US media have all alone favorably advertised their role: monitor of the government and care-taker of the society. But this time, they have never delivered valuable surveys and interrogations nor news-worthy stories. Instead, they choose to argue for the doings of Wall Street and Washington.

The eruption of the public protests, which stemmed from the trouble-laden Wall Street and has thus far shown no signs of stopping, has laid bare malpractices of the US government and ailments of its political and economic systems. Also, the structural imbalance and social conflicts inbuilt and deep-rooted in the US social fabric have come to light massively and extensively.   

American media might as well exactly follow a "golden rule?---No bite to the hand that feeds you. Understandably, slow reaction to the backyard unrest could be rewarded by the currently embattled Obama administration.   

Editor: Li Hongmei

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OWS freeze frame: 慣he US could end up like Egypt or Libya?

15 October, 2011

As the protest movement spills out from the US and takes over the world, one award-winning director cuts the long story down to a short film, highlighting the double standards of US leaders.

揑抦 Not Moving?is a brilliant title for this seven-minute edit of speeches by President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ?and protests across the US and in countries like Egypt and Libya. The short film shows both the unmoving position of US authorities when it comes to domestic matters, and the hypocrisy people in the US and all over the world are trying to fight. Director Corey Ogilvie says his main goal was to showcase one constant between these seemingly different events.

揑f you watch the film,?Ogilvie told RT, 搚ou will see there抯 some shots, for example, in Egypt, the horses rode through the protesters and tried to suppress the protests. The exact same thing happened at the G20. Shot for shot, it was identical. If you look at the suppression of journalists in Egypt and Syria, shot for shot it is identical. So this film isn抰 comparing the demands. What this film is doing is comparing the repression.?

The film ?like the protest movement ?has gone viral. In a worldwide bid for change, thousands upon thousands will take to the streets in Europe, Asia and the Americas. The 揙ctober 15 united for #globalchange?movement will be seen and heard in over 950 cities worldwide. 82 countries are on the list, preparing for one of the largest global rallies in years. It is the magnitude of the movement that is gathering attention from the likes of Corey Ogilvie.

揥hat inspired me? the director said, 搃s the amount of people that are capturing every moment of this event.?

The movement has certainly been gaining momentum. What started out as a simple 揙ccupy Wall Street?rally in New York turned into a weeks-long national outrage ?and quickly spread overseas. The people, angry with what they see as politics and policies benefiting the few, call themselves the ?9 percent??and they are demanding change. Ogilvie says that if the leaders don抰 listen, this movement could easily become a revolution.

揟he people will only take so much,?he said. 揟hat抯 the central message: you can only push them down for so long.

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The Media ..........

Chomsky et al did a treatise on the US media and showed that the media is part of the establishment 1% .......

The owners mix with the politicians and corporates, and their kids go to the same Ivy League Colleges  ..........

And the media money which is spread between only six media corporations (there used to be 50+) comes directly from the politicians and corporates for advertising etc ............

It is not in the interest of the media to alienate those those that are the major customers  .........

If you look at the spend in magazines and newspapers it is easy to see that once again it is money that makes the news ..........

And the readers are just customers ........

Nothing more  ...........

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u.s. is not ignoring the revolution. it is covered in the media. it's controlled dissent.

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Originally posted by 华青帮 at 2011-10-15 22:20
u.s. is not ignoring the revolution. it is covered in the media. it's controlled dissent.

Yes ............

And unlike Martyrs Squares in Arab towns  ............

Which were praised by US media and politicians  ..............

US citizens can be arrested for standing in the road  ..............   


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Filter ..............   

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