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India Ethnic Northeast Minorities Suffering Seviour Racial Discrimination Because of Their Chinese Lookings!

Often in overseas Indians were discriminated. In their own country there are also widespread caste discrimination, religious discrimination and racial discrimination. The most common discrimination is against the minorities, especially toword the northeast people who are like Chinese. They can easily become the discriminated objects.

The northeast India ethnic minorities' color, figure, facial features are related to East Asia and Southeast Asia in terms of their ethnic similarity. Their local folk dressing and traditional dancing are more like Taiwan "Gao shan" people.

Although the Indian capital of Delhi is the leading city in India, but it is the most serious racial discrimination city. According to the CNA interview with spokesman Madhu Chandra of the Delhi volunteer organization "The help center of northeast India", the discrimination and attacks against northeast minorities have been quite frequently, especially the sexual assault towards the women, and it cannot be ignored.

He said that almost every north-east fellow has the same experience. For example, he said, not long ago, a north-east India Naga tribe woman, her husband and children, to visit relatives living in Delhi. A group of local men verbally abused them, and the husband reproached them. After their visit, they found their car had been open to vandalism.

Last week, in the South Campus of University of Delhi, a 19-year-old female student from the northeast province of Manipur, was raped and killed by a 34-year-old neighbour man who broke in her room. A few days later, there was another indecent, a 21-year-old female student from the northeast province of Arunachal Pradesh, was violently molested by a group of male students in Delhi, she almost committed suicide.

Currently in Delhi region, there are 90 to 100 thousand northeastern ethnic residences. Except part of them came here to work as cookers or waiters in the restaurants because of the poverty, most of them are the university students studying in the capital. Compared with common Indians, those students are from high class families in terms of family wealth and status, but they are still being discriminated because of their appearance.

According to Delhi University Student Union of Northeast, northeast students have their own clothing, but even wearing a traditional Indian shawl-ridden big "sari" dress, it is very easy to recognize their northeast nationalities because of their fair skin color that is quite different from the Indian with black coarse skin.

A college girl, named Marngam of the Jawaharlal Nehru National University, who came from Arunachal province, said, she heard indecent obscene language from time to time when walking on the streets in Delhi, they called her "Chinese ***** (Chin*ki)", "Thai Bar (Thapa )" and other vulgar calls, or even being physically touched, and it has almost become part of daily life, she could only try to be patient to accept these.

Mana Mu said that many female students from the Northeast have the same experience. She will not feel safe as long as she left the room or school, whether it is in residential areas, stores or shopping mails. She said that when female students visit friends, in order to avoid danger they will be asked by their friends to live to the next morning if they are unable to reach home before dark.

THe 18-year-old female students Yeshley and Karma of University of Delhi are all from the northern Indian province of Sikkim, also shed that, whether it is to go to school, come back to home, visit friends or even just a few minutes walking for shopping, they are always together, so as to avoid being isolated and helpless when encountered assault. They never go out during night.

Even if the boys in Delhi are also not safe. According to the Jawaharlal Nehru University boy, Mongve said, who from Assam province, he had been blocked by a group of men on the road and they tried to hit him. Fortunately, he escaped in time to avoid attack. He said that he heard indecent obscene comments quite often when sometimes accompanied female students to go out.

Northeast writer Ningreichon said that in Australia, Germany and other countries where racial discrimination exists, at least the government officials and police officers will pay attentions to these issues. But in India, racial discrimination is considered normal, officials are get use to it alreay. When the Police were dealing with the complaints, they accused the victims themselves for their different dress or accent reasons that caused the insults for the victimes.

A 21-year-old female student Chanchan, who from Manny slope northeast province, said the school professors often humiliated her, and asked her to quit school and go home to learn Hindi before she can come back to school. They blamed her as a "foreiger" who should not be treated equally in the Hindi speaking areas, so that she has been very depressed during the study.

Northeast Indians are generally subject to the discrimination that others don't have in the Delhi. The northeast national associations, recently launched protest in Delhi city hall with 300 people. The 70-year-old woman Chief Minister of Delhi Government Shella Dik---- went out and interviewed, but she just casually said that these incidents of racial discrimination cases are just individual behaviors due to mental disorders or behavioral deviation of some people.

The spokesman Madhu Chandra of the Delhi volunteer organization "The help center of northeast India", said that the ethnic minorities in the Northeast in terms of racial discrimination resulting from such long-term trauma, cannot be diluted by so-called deviant behavior of some individuals. He said that this is also the violation of human rights and culture for the ethnic minorities.

He also condemned, although the Indian Constitution and statutes said to protect the rights of ethnic minorities, but because the north-east Indian societies generally considered to be the silent minority ethnic groups, so the Indians themselves who were often discriminated against by foreigners, had found the ethnic northeast minorities as their easy target for retaliation.                                                                                                                                                          -

                                                                                                                                                                                              - [Source ~ China Central News]

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you know, sometimes when I'm eating lobster with beer, I think about native people
after many jugs of beer, native people look chinese, I think

obviously this means that they are lost tribes from China, which means, their lands belong to China too

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India's North-Eastern States are JUST to gain independence from India.They are not (Middle-Eastern/Persian Gulf/East Africa origin) brown Indians, they are native yellow Asians.British gave them away to India in Colonial era. And several ten millions Indians are already settled there with the help of Indian government; that's several times more than native people population. Its about time the world community needs to pay serious attention, before its way too late.

native beauty, seven sister states, north-eastern india.jpg

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Seven Sister States

The Seven Sister States also called "Paradise Unexplored" is a name given to the contiguous states of Arunachal Pradesh,

Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland and Tripura in northeastern India. These states cover an area of

about 250,000 sq. km. or about 7 percent of India's total area. They had a population of 38.6 million in 2000,

about 3.8 percent of India's total. Although there is great ethnic and religious diversity within the seven states,

they also have similarities in political, social and economic contexts.
SevenSisterStates, India.png

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I have close interactions with Asian Indians. Yes, they are very racist against ethnic Chinese.

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Oh dear, the ignorance and the hypocrisy.

All the types of allegations you level against India can be levelled against China.

China's ethnic majority overwhelms the ethnic minorities in their homelands in East Turkistan and T!bet.

The Tbtn and East Turkistanis are more related to others in the region than the Han Chinese.

At least India is a democracy, quite a contrast to the dictators in Beijing.
"他不是救星, 他是一个非常淘气男孩" - Monty Python

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