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Why men use prostitutes   [Copy link] 中文

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Ive known plenty of dirty women in my time who were not prostitutes, they'd hang around bars and screw anybody available after a drunken night out.

Some people would say thats morally just as bad but once money exchanges hands they're called prostitutes and that somehow makes it a sin.

Its been legal in Continental Europe for years where they have registered brothels.  Its not actually illegal in Britain but soliciting sex in public IS.

Is there something wrong with men who go with prostitutes ?    SOME of them yes, just like there are bad men in any other kind of relationship.
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In Chinese forum better focus in...

Originally posted by aziz at 2011-9-24 10:20
Anglo pros are independed in US.Immigrant pros are forcibly engaged in sex job.

....what is happening here

Police identify 112 suspects in sex trade
Updated: 2011-09-19 06:45

By An Baijie (China Daily)
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BEIJING - A total of 112 suspects, including 27 foreign women, were identified by Beijing police as allegedly being involved in the sex trade in early September, authorities said on Saturday.

The suspects, 42 men and 70 women, were mainly from four criminal groups, the authorities said.

The suspects allegedly distributed prostitutes' information on ads formatted like name cards in public venues such as hotels, contacted clients with mobile phones and arranged sex transactions in hotel rooms, according to a statement from the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau.

The case involves the largest number of foreign prostitutes ever in the city, said the statement. The bureau did not list the suspects' nationalities.

Among the 112 suspects, 62 suspects were put under criminal detention and 19 suspects were under public security detention, said the statement. The police did not say whether the other 31 suspects were in custody.

The ads often feature sexually explicit images, with a few words listing the sexual services being offered and a contact number. Most such cards use seductive phrases such as "college girls" and "uniform seduction" to attract clients.

Many of the ads were left on hotel room doors or the windshields of private cars, or were given directly to hotel guests.

After receiving phone calls from customers, the criminal groups dispatched the prostitutes to places such as hotel rooms.

The crackdown, launched by the police on the night of Sept 6, had led to the seizure of more than 10 vehicles, 100 mobile phones and 60,000 ads cards as of Sept 7.

Much of the illegal sex trade has shifted from entertainment venues such as nightclubs to the Internet, the statement said.

Beijing police initiated a massive campaign against businesses that act as fronts for prostitution and drugs on April 11, 2010, with the closure of the nightclub Heaven Earth also known as Passion Nightclub where prostitutes were allegedly readily available.

Similar crackdowns against ads for the sex trade have been conducted in other cities. On the night of Aug 22, police in Hangzhou, the capital of East China's Zhe province, detained 42 suspects for allegedly engaging in the sex trade.

Of the total, 25 were from a criminal group that advertised sex trade information through cards, according to the Zhe Legal News.

On Sept 7, the Beijing No 2 Intermediate People's Court reviewed a case in which a man surnamed Li was caught by security guards as he distributed sex trade cards in a Beijing hotel in November 2010. Li received a sentence of five days' administrative detention from the court, said the China News Service.

Wang Dawei, a professor at the Chinese People's Public Security University, said that the campaign against the sex trade faces new challenges since many prostitutes advertise through the Internet or mobile phones, which are more difficult for the police to trace.

"The sex trade became much more fluid after the closure of many entertainment venues such as the Passion Nightclub," Wang said.

"It will take a long time for the police to fight against the sex trade, and a long-term mechanism should be established to halt the sex trade."

China Daily

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The fiend is weird.She is an ardent if paid supporter of the Anglo Zionist led New World Order which has been
busy destroying the family,morality and tradition for two centuries,but does not like the idea of prostitution.The
NWO is destroying the fabric of society by supporting gender role reversal,lesbian couples,sodomy and so on.
The Jew mobster Buggsy Siegel is credited with the creation of Las Vegas,aka Sin City.It his here that
prostitution is at it's most blatant.Trucks advertising wh*res shuttle the strip and bands of poor Mexicans hand out their (the prostitutes') visiting cards to passers by.Gambling,alcohol,dugs,tobacco and prostitution go
together and the Jewish community has played a major role in each of these activities.Lets face it - a fellow
married to a plain fat chick would like to have someone more attractive for a change even if it means more
expense.Women seek tittilation too.Las Vegas as I have said before has huge billboards advertising hairless
male strippers.The fiend has had sex with no fewer than 37 men.Did she feel dirty or guilty after each illicit
coupling ? It doesn't seem so.

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Why Aziz and Petera talks about US pros?

They dont like Chinese pros?

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Media wh*res

The fiend is a prostitute of sorts.Night after night for a fee she does the most sinful things - pumping out
propaganda for the New World Order.The fiend also supports the Jewish dominated porn industry which
undoubtedly boosts the demand for wh*res.

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Originally posted by JFenix at 2011-9-24 07:54
'I don't get anything out of sex with prostitutes except for a bad feeling," says Ben. An apparently average, thirtysomething, middle-class man, Ben had taken an extended lunchbreak from his j ...

I am against prostitutes.

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Originally posted by greatlady at 2011-9-24 14:42

I am against prostitutes.

The number of prostitutes in China was estimated to be 4 million in an official Chinese report from 1997. A less conservative, but perhaps more realistic number of prostitutes in China is estimated to be roughly 20 million.

There are many opinions and views on how to deal with prostitution, and the dominant regulation of prostitution distinguish between three legal frameworks; Prohibition, legalization and decriminalization. Prohibition is where all prostitution is illegal.

I don't know all their names,

Chao Ren VFP
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