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Why do the Cantonese eat cats? [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by manoj10 at 2011-9-26 23:44
Expatter, you teach me how to find a girlfriend

Oh ...........

Seriously Mano .............

I spoke with you last year about this .............

Women do not like chasers and stalkers  ..........

They like the guys who look they are not interested  ........

It hurts their ego that they can be rejected  ............

Be just your normal happy self without them ...........

Then get ready to fight them off ..........      

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I am Cantonese, I don't eat cats, what make you think that?

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You have one post to your name

Are you a Westerner Cantonese, ie ABC, or long time citizen of Guangdong? Surely you have seen cat-eating...

If not, many pics on link below:
(beast ex machina)

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“Refuse to eat cat”

Chongqing Evening News January 26 reports, during the suggestion gathering stage of China’s first “Animal Protection Law”, many citizens questioned the concept of “Animal Welfare”. Therefore experts decided to change the wording of the law, to draft an “Anti-Animal Cruelty Law” instead. The draft by the experts will be submitted to the relevant department in April.

Animal Protection Law Project Team Leader, the Chief of drafting experts and the law researcher of Academy of Social Sciences Chang Jiwen states during the 4 months of suggestion gathering of  the “Animal Protection Law”, they have received over 300 emails and 400 phone calls, most of the views are more objective, but there are some people cannot accept the concept of “Animal Protection” and “Animal Welfare”. “They think the most importation thing currently is to first protect people’s welfare.” Professor Chang said.

Therefore the project team decided to change the wording to “Anti Animal Cruelty Law” instead. “Cruelty” means deliberately inflecting unnecessary suffering and pain, or cruelly killing of animals. The project team thinks that “anti-abuse” is more likely to be acceptable to the public. Currently the draft proposal has been mostly completed.

If you eat meat, then philosophically, a cat is not all that different to other animals, other than the emotional attachment, if you have one as a pet

But killing should be quick

Also, I really don't understand cat eating as they are scrawny - there is only meat on the leg

Still, feral cats are a pest and eating them is a good way to control the feral population
(beast ex machina)

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Lotta filthy monkey photos posted by none other than filthy monkey 'Lebeast'  

( aka, Andr, aka, one too many cloned ghosts MATES ), all over CD forum.

About time to flush THEM ALL ( both filthy monkey photos and filthy monkey 'Lebeast' )

down the toilet!

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The majority of the cat trade is sold to Guangdong, because in Lingnan cuisine, Guangdong people [Cantonese] especially like to eat cat; It first became popular in the Chaozhou-Shantou region. Cat meat has been traditionally believed to be effective for helping a person’s yin and yang balance, whereas recorded in Guangdong Yue cuisine recipies is a dish called “Long hu dou” [literally, "dragon fighting tiger".

Some people in Nanjing spend their days “fishing for cats,” which often includes stealing other people’s pets, the report said. Some blame the rise in pet nabbing on the decline in the economy.
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Originally posted by hellraiser at 2011-11-16 18:17
Beware, hellraiser's here!

Hey amigo, I'm too tired for this, let me post here tomorrow.

(beast ex machina)

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