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UK Jihadists Burn US Flag During 9/11 Memorial [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by seneca at 2011-9-15 15:14

You ask ME that, JF? I thought Usanians always knew what was morally appropriate in any condition or circumstance.

You do 'know' how others should bheave after they have been denounced by ...


You're much more preachy on this forum than I am.

You're speaking to me as if I am the US government.

I'm just a person like everyone else who has an opinion.

The rest of your post is nothing but babbling.  

All assumptions and no logic behind it.  

You're just a hater like the rest of them.  You're prejudice against americans has blinded you.

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Originally posted by kongque at 2011-9-15 09:04

G'day pete - keep up the good fight mate - latest world survey shows 76% of peopled polled do not believe the lies of the "official" 911 story. seems the only ones believing it are  ...

Welcome back,Kongque.It is good to have an ally in the fight against the horrible fiend and her NWO masters
and mistresses.

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Originally posted by seneca at 2011-9-16 05:37

Do some psychoanalitics on yourself and you will agree with me that you do come across as someone immensely conceited of being Usanian.

SOrry to prick your bubble, Deer, but Usanians are  ...

I'm proud to be an american.  I'm not going to apologize for that.

That said, I don't think I'm better than anyone else.

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For celebrating the opening of LONDON MALL

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The jihadist was in the UK, not the US. As long as no one is getting hurt, he has all the rights he needs to burn a US flag and pay no legal consequences.

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So many flag burning events occured during last 45 years since my teenage time.I didnt understand why they are burning a flag.Why the US military are in Vietnam??

When I started understood it is my prime time and the US had invaded in Iraq.Afghanistan and N Africa.

In 91 I saw how US and UK closed the most advanced fast growing bank of muslim people.I am lucky that I comes to know the plan of USA at 90 with many people who are in the queue.What is the value of oil and why US need it.What are the probable action are going to take place.

They were right and the ME game started.

Today all are shocked by US flag burning not sharing pain to millions died in unparalled war.
So far the flag burning doesnt make a matter to me as "US is burning and Ubama playing flute on the top of white house".

We feel sorry for our brother and sister in USA who paid their everything to these warlord.What was these uncounnted peoples crime?Be an American is not pride now a days.The christians are in on the line to attack the warlord  presently.It will be  continued-----------!!

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#65 um.....right.......

Tell us how much oil we have taken from lraq?

Did spending trillions of dollars in that war turn a profit for us?

Did we get all the good oil contracts?

The only thing those wars have accomplished for us is great debt.

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