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The Ugly Truth About America   [Copy link] 中文

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Finally, there's  ...

Folks -

What Christianity Revolution and Fair-Play have in common?

It's all come down to doing it right, because -

Christian is all about fair play !

Few people today realize original Christianity as a product of Revolution.

   Christian as a religion was born and formed 2000 years ago as a soft revolution to confront mighty Roman Empire

through non-violence way, and to raise awareness of the plights of the weak, the poor, the oppressed and the neglect.

This Christian doctrine spread out throughout Europe like a forest fire - as a form of theology for worshiping, aka, a religion -

since people of Europe were all working poor, living under Roman reign, and paying and shouldering heavy tax burden

imposed by Romans.

All in all, Christian/Christianity was and is a Revolution -turned- Religion indeed.

   [* Mighty holy bloody whatever Roman Empire ain't no fool though!

   Early Christians persevered through 3 centuries of persecution under Roman reign before Christianity

   eventually prevailed in early 4th century AD].

So it all come down to doing things right and fair playing - whether your revolutionary or Christian.

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Finally, there's  ...
                                  I really do think they are long lost Chinese people

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Folks -

your post really move me

I have tear in eye

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American man very handsome

{:soso_e166:} {:soso_e163:}

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And even after all that; everyone wants to live there.

Admit it or not; everyone wishes they could. Or at the very least wish they could be there most of the year.

Currently content perhaps, but down inside - - - Everyone wants that chance of the American dream.

But hey, that's alright, really. No shame in that. Americans will never look down on it. All are welcome; legally of course. Can't have anyone doing what the Europeans did when they came 400 years ago, now can we.

So get that passport and visa. Jump on that plane. File for that green card. The path has been plowed for everyone who wants a piece of that American pie.

Come on over, let us slice you a big 'ol piece of it. Got the Indians tucked away and on the reservations; they won't be a problem for ya. The liberals have the health insurance, college and public schools paid and open for you.

And if you got the money honey; we've got the dream. And even if you don't, well heck, we'll support ya til you do make your first million. Of course we'll have to take half of it for our cut. But no biggy man, plenty more where that came from.

We'll keep the lights on, be seeing ya . . .

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Folks -


With all due respect , here's my question  for you -

     While indigenous African natives that had no prior contact with Europeans are brought in
as slaves  in (so-called New World territories such as) Brazil, Carrebean and Southern U.S., and yet they
did NOT suffer sudden population decline due to contact with Europeans, due to so-called new dieseases,

due to lack of body immune systems, etc ,

         *  And how come Only indigenous native Americans suffered all these tragedies, and

           ended up with a great majority of  their population wiped out within a century of

           European colonization  and occupation of their beloved land ?!


    ' Christians’ greatest Genocides Lies continual Thieveries and Atrocities goes on to this present era. '

Native American beauty.jpg

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Folks -




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