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      In just less than two centuries ago, land-hungary Britain sailed from five thousand miles away and

grabbed the  whole continental landmass of so-called Australia/New Zealand     in the Pacific, just a few

ten miles off from the southern tip of South-East Asia islands. And about the same era, in up north, Russia

looted a gigantic chunk of mainland Far-East Asia     , from Siberia to Alaska.

And now (land-poor & over-populated ones like) Japan, Korea , China and a number of other Asian nations

are left with and quarreling over a handful of tiny barren islands in South China sea.


                        Britain the Crook Pirate, Russia the Big Fat Ugly Bear !

                          Not a pretty good picture at all, my friends             

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fatasses, lobsters and beer

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why do they go so well together?

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savages = pillage / plunder

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One day when China and Asian nations become strong enough,

they will take those stolen land from foreigners and return them to natives and other Asians who need it most, such as Japan, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan.

I have no doubt about that. I only hope that time will come sooner rather than later.

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It is the queen bees and forum mods who are responsible.

they are the ones with primary responsibility for the mess.

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Great societies are built by none other than Savages through Pillage!


Here's my point folks.......

* Russia has been benefiting like crazy by extracting and exporting abundant gas and oil among others

from vast land of Siberia that she has pillaged under Czar. [ it is said that if not for Siberia/FarEast, status of

Russia today will no better than a typical third world nation.]


* Australia too has been busy emptying out all the precious minerals she can get out of this vast continent

that she has plundered since old Colonialism.

* Its almost a cardinal rule that so-called Great Societies of the world are built upon,

.                                    PILLAGE and PLUNDER  by none other than SAVAGES !    
mother china defeated savages.jpg

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She is so LOVELY!

Look at the way she position herself; standing jubilantly on top of all those savage corpses.

Love that pic

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Boost Military Might

How can China take back those savages' pillaged land since her military is a distant third, way behind US and Russia?

Uncle Sam who is a chief protector of Australia/NZ is so unsettled with China's first ever aircraft carrier, although she herself own ten of them, I believe.

Russian, by the way, has successfully tested the precision naval missle that will hit target halfway around the world.

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