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In your world, there is only you, a racist dolt who disperses misinformation non-stop? There is no one in your world but you and your lonely misery created from your rotten bile leaves you to come here and puke all over everyone you hate!

Now ain't that right?

In fact, you have never ever spent any time with any of the Native Americans, have you? Hell NO you haven't -- your self-stuffed insane sense of superiority would never let you stoop so low, now ain't that right?

I made a copy of this post, pal, delete it and i will work on getting you deleted!
The Brotherhood of Knights of the Mystic Sea

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[Masters and Servants] Americans

You got question, I got answer!


     Why is it that Uncle Sam's good old U.S is the one and only nation (among a group of Anglos such as Canada, U.K,

Australia and New Zealand), that does not have fair and square social democratic system ( in terms of education,

health care, welfare, etc)?!

     It is because Other Anglo nations are overhelmingly Anglo majority (over 90%), but United States on the other hand is

Anglo minority with less than 15% of total population.

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I am Cherokee

The American Indian was chased from thier land that is true. This is not an untold story this is part of American history we do not try to cover it up like som countries cover their history. The American Indian culture was not totally destroyed it still lives today. Well wat about the cultural revelution?Why not talk about the real untold story? The number of people that were killed is not listed in text books,the education system was destryed for what reason? If you want to talk the untold story at least talk about the truth. In America this is studied by the student.

quote]Originally posted by NORDICBLOOD at 2011-8-27 05:11
Trail of Tears                                 ~   Untold Story of Cherokee Nation

     Cherokees were forced out of Eastern/Atlantic part of U.S.Territories after completion of estab ... [/quote]

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America will Rise again as soon as we get the Socialist/Communist President out of office. He like to start class warfare like the Commies, but when we get anothe leader like Ronald Reagan in office we will do what we did then for the world. During those years German became one no more Communist Germany and the USSR Russia fell for Communism at that time. Get ready world for the real revolution.

Originally posted by chinsyou at 2011-11-3 18:10

                                                   2012 THE NEW WORLD BEGINS -



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* Hope on the Horizon

This post was edited by truthhurt at 2012-3-5 13:48

      As 2012 approaches and 21.12.2012 less than a year away, when thousand years old ancient Mayan calendar ends,

and a new one begins thereafter, Mayans of South America and other native people world-wide are looking forwards to this

milestone event as -         

                                                         'a message of hope'



    ...........................    a message of hope for native people worldwide   ............................

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seneca Post time: 2011-8-27 13:09
Why confine humanity's biography to the American narrative? What happened to the Cherokees has happe ...

sometimes, America bashing gives us a tingling feeling, so we rinse and repeat. Don't feel to lonely, Aussie history has a few bad memories too.
I'm a little bit wrong and your a little bit right.
Everyone is entitled to my opinion.

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woundedknee Post time: 2011-8-28 13:25
My Chinese/Asian Friends,

You can go to the History of any country and find something wrong. but, the west does have a tendency to overlook its own negative history, so i understand the reminders
I'm a little bit wrong and your a little bit right.
Everyone is entitled to my opinion.

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