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horatiokim Post time: 2012-1-9 16:42
Sicko Uncle Sam!


United States-led Anglo Alliance has enough nuclear arsenal to wipe out all the living beings on earth

five hundred times (500) over; some are ready-made, some can be reessembled within a short period of times,

since materials stockpiles, know-how techonology, man-power & assembly lines are already in place.

This alliance controls pretty much the whole world militarily and financially through ~

- US Military

- Wall Street, N.Y.C  &  City of London Financial Center, U.K

Former enemies-turned-allies such as Germany and Japan are nothing more than their

high-tech servants, while others are low-tech servants, ( they all have to work their butts

off, while Anglos sit and smell the roses all day long ) !

All in all, they were/are/will be the one and only master of the universe!!!

                  POWER = CONTROL


I'm just an old-timer from good ole' Ohio.

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"A man got to do what a man got to do"

  It is about time (well past due, actually) that every household in Anglo's stolen land of U.S.,

Canada, Australia, NewZealand should start paying rent to Native people who had given up way

too much and receive too little in return for their land   and resources on it , for the past several

hundred years of colonization.

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woundedknee Post time: 2011-8-28 11:25
My Chinese/Asian Friends,

Super Clever {:soso_e144:} Crook Mind + {:soso_e155:} THIEVERY  =  W.E.A.L.T.H    {:soso_e113:}       [ This Life on Earth ]

                                                                          =  ETERNAL HELL    {:soso_e109:}      [ After Death  ]

You can outsmart the world, but you can not outsmart HELL!

Is it worth it, Mr. smart guys?!

Haha haha!


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                                           Finally, there's HOPE on the horizon!   

   As December 21st, 2012 less than a year away ....,

- when  according to ancient Mayan calender -  
a new era of world begins,

native Mayans of South America and other native people world-wide are looking forwards to

this milestone event as -         

                                                         'a message of hope'



               ------------      a message of hope for native people worldwide       ------------

native_girl, south_america.JPG
comanche-girl-native american-usa 600-x-495.JPG
sioux_girl, native_american.JPG
native girl, alaska.jpg
native girl, FarEast Russia.gif
native maori girl_new zealand.JPG

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horatiokim Post time: 2012-1-9 16:42
Sicko Uncle Sam!


   Thanks God,

   Poor Roman Empire didn't have an intelligence alliance like today's global elite to keep

the whole world in check, under their radars.

" Do you know that the world's most super secret, ultra sensitive intelligence

    informations are gathered and shared by among the five nations only ? "

   They are -  United States, Canada, United kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

   Sound familiar?

   They are all Anglo nations - its all in the family!

[Officially, it is called Intelligence Alliance, also known as 'Five Eyes' ( for U.S U.K Canada Australia New Zealand ).

NewYork Times has a revealing story about this world's most super secretive alliance on March 31, 2012.]

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hmmm, this is the 3rd time I see the same exact post, how clever
I'm just here for the money

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