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I feel ashamed for Chinese farmers [Copy link] 中文

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"Nowadays, it is not easy for us to grow vegetables without using pesticides. We must spray pesticides once every two to three days. Actually, no vegetables are grown without the use of pesticides," said 66-year-old farmer Wang Mingcheng. "In this month, we sprayed our vegetables virtually every day. If we did not, the harvest would be very poor," Wang said.

Wang planted up to five acres of beans and was watched from a short distance by the reporter how he applied pesticides. The reporter saw him to spray his bean crop with 11 different chemical substances in three broad categories.

Some farmers have also ignored the required safety intervals of days between spraying vegetables and harvesting them. Another farmer, Zhang Lu, who planted cabbage, said, "Pesticide companies told us to follow the safety interval requirements. But cabbages are especially vulnerable to attacks by pests particularly in the summer. So we had to spray them with drugs every day. Some even harvested their produce the very next day after they used drugs."

Dai Jiexia, a farmer who grew eggplant, described the way she sprinkled pesticides on her crop. She said that to save trouble, she always mixes four different kinds of chemical pesticides together which normally have to be used separately, and sprinkled them on her crops all at once. Sooner or later, these chemical substances have to be sprinkled anyway, she explained. She did not seem to understand her way of using pesticides could pose potential health risks to buyers who might eat her eggplants.

Dai also felt she was helpless in the situation, however: "I must spend 40 yuan (US$6.26) each time I sprinkle pesticides on my eggplants. Up to this time of this year, I have bought 1,500 yuan (US$243.70) worth of pesticides. My proceeds from eggplant sales are just not enough to cover the production cost," she said.

I really feel ashamed for them. For the sake of profit, they choose to ignore the health hazards that might endanger people's lives.

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They should try to NET their crops and place non woven geotextile!
These seems to be COMMON PRACTISE in the Malayan Vegetable Farms.
I visited on a regular basis such farms, it's just a massive regions of NETTING.
It's difficult for insects to access. Maybe less pesticides would be needed.

This will prevent insect PEST to easily access to their crops!
It could be cheaper and safer in the long run!


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Originally posted by cindy1225 at 2011-8-25 16:08
I really feel ashamed for them .For the sake of profit, they choose to ignore the health hazards that might endanger people's lives...

1. Would the farmer's vegetable pass the food safety checking of government officials?


2. Would those vegetable pass the food safety checking of Supermarket?


3. What contributed the grain output growth from 1978----the beginning of Deng's reform?

Pesticides contributed a lot. Our Chinese government actually encouraged farmers to adopt chemical fertilizers and pesticides from 1978.

4. Do you know most of soybean milk, soybean oil, etc in China are produced from genetically modified soybean?

Do you think the genetically modified plants brought the health hazards to us?
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like farm work hard

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