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They are alot of China Haters in this world, must be vigilant. [Copy link] 中文

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There are too many China Haters in this world...

and in this forum

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Originally posted by bern2009 at 2011-8-25 05:05
and in this forum

what do you need them for? you have a large population-and eachother-screw em! i live in u.s. where i get harassed for not dating a 300 pound fat ugly judge! well-im off for a drink.

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Originally posted by BingDing69 at 2011-8-26 05:50
there are many.

There are many returds like you here bing.....there's more evidence of this than of what you suggest.

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That's correct..

Chinese must be careful cos, like they say, "a white man's love lasts only a summer's day'...
The Western are "friends" with the Chinese now because now is strong and rich; they cannot bring China to her knees. The West, as so often in history, will wait for that day to come when they can launch their attacks on China as in Iraq, Libya or like the conquistadors' conquests of the Americas.

See how they cleverly pursuaded Gaddafi to give up his nuclear program? Tragically the colonel miscalculated and had to bare the consequences of that one kind mistake. Once nuclear weapons are out of the way, they attacked the country and rob it's oil resource and foreign reserves.

Now they want to pursuade the North Koreans to give up their nuclear weapons. Once they have done so, North Korea is finished. Likewise Iran.
Syria will be finished too. The demise of the Syrian leadership will be greeted with joy in Israel.

But you see, Israel which control USA and the Western world, has one of the world's largest stockpiles of nuclear weapons ...  NUCLEAR WEAPONS IS A GUARANTEE OF SURVIVAL IN THE FACE OF BARBARIC WESTERN IMPERIALISM.

Look into the mentality of American mad dog, John McCain ... see report below:

Video And Text: John McCain Says “Fire Of Uprisings” Should Move To Syria, Russia, China

August 25, 2011

Russia needs democracy just like Libya does – Senator McCain


US Senator and former presidential candidate John McCain has lashed out at Russia, saying it could be the next country to experience a Libya-style uprising.

­But Senator McCain has a very far-fetched outlook, believes RT’s Washington correspondent Gayane Chichikyan.

McCain is sure that the Arab Spring will rage on and will make it to countries like China and Russia, which according to him “need democracy” just as Libya does.

At some point he even said that Libya has already achieved democracy, which is far from reality according to the situation on the ground.

Even as the National Transitional Council takes over in Tripoli, it is not the government chosen by the Libyan people. And many Libyans are outraged by the fact that foreign powers have essentially made this choice for them.

And looking back to Egypt, people there too do not seem to have achieved what they were fighting for.

As far as democracy is concerned in these countries, there are still a lot of questions, but according to McCain “It is all great and the fire of uprisings should move on to other countries.”

And according to him the “next stop” is Syria. “After Gaddafi it is Bashar Assad who is next to fall,” McCain said.

With his statements, Gayane says, McCain is seen as a mouthpiece for those forces in Washington who would want to see some countries, especially rich and strategically important ones, go upside down.

It is quite interesting that Senator McCain is pointing at some of the world’s richest countries and basically calling for revolutions in those countries, presuming that their “livelihood is so bad, that they need to rebel immediately.”

Meanwhile, polls show that most Americans are not happy with where their economy is going. And following McCain’s logic the question arises: does this mean that Americans too need to take to the streets and revolt? ... ews-august-25-2011/

Originally posted by BingDing69 at 2011-8-25 04:43
China must not fool itself thinking expressing goodwill will get goodwill in return.

There are too many China Haters in this world.

Must be prepared at anytime, anywhere.

Never let the gu ...

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Yes, there are a lot of China Haters in this world. They can't imagine a yellow communist nation could prosper that defied their preached western democracy values and capitalist system. Majority of these China haters are basically whites who want to see China in constant chaos and turmoil, so that they can continue with their global domination for centuries. They still are playing the imperialistic cards version 21st century, fomenting fears of China’s rise to his regional neighbours and the world in order to contain and derail China’s explosive economic growth. Along with them, are other Asian lackey nations who are sluttish to tag along with the containment, without realising that China will always be their geographic neighbour unlike the western fomenters. If these lackey neighbouring nations under the instigation of the western fomenters  constantly paint China as the imaginary enemy, and the imaginary enemy will become actual, when China’s diplomatic and conciliatory policies were unrequited. Internally in China, there are those imprudent intellectual activist China haters who aped western values, cultures and worship them mindlessly and try all means to fabricate new incidents in order to please and source more monetary funding from their  CIA’s front western non government organisations (NGOs).  These local intellectual activist China haters have naive thoughts that their western sugar daddies really concerned and champion about their cause;  instead they are merely treated as expendable tools by their western daddies to create pains and mayhem to China with the least cost exposures. Doesn’t mean been gung-ho  in shaming China’s image in the western medias will get you famous and a free emigration ticket to the western nations, have these white worshippers ever lived in western paradise nations for long periods to experience discriminations based on race, so what did the recent London’s riots and the Norwegian massacre tell us . Yes, China have a lot of teething problems and is not perfect, neither does the mature western democracies, it needs time to change but not those changes from the current state of stability to chaos envisaged by the western /85%  nipponese’s China haters. The best weapon that  irked  these China haters most is, China continues to prosper and growing strong relentlessly. So for China's haters, tables will turned one day, so don't do unto others what u don't want others do unto you.

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