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Is White Anglo Racism towards Chinese and Asians Real or Pretense?   [Copy link] 中文

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Our Brothers & Sisters in Asia/China

~~~~      ~~~~~

The TRUTH Hurts!      

Many can not stand The TRUTH.      

It takes an Enlightened One to know The TRUTH.

It takes a Brave & Enlightened One to stand up for The TRUTH.

(~ Quoted from an old Native Poem)
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to Woundedknee

I couldn't agree more!

I was to say pretty much the same thing.

Ordinary Americans feel powerless, as the absolute power laid in the hands of establishment  of  Anglo-American masterminders.

I think it's all about keeping up appearance; while America is promoting democracy world wide, the genuine democracy at home is in thin air.

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Chicago-native world-renowned American columnst the late Robert Novak famously said in one of his last newspaper column,


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Reply #1 woundedknee's post

White Anglo Racism towards Chinese and Asians may be based

on fear factor as well as arrogance.

Your mentioned fear and arrogance factors of the White Anglo Racism are

as much real as in the past as they are current!

Noteo keep your articles coming

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Ghost Writers on CD Forum

Expect slow Trafic on Weekend!

If the fact that some of these paid staff ghost writers employed by the Anglo-led West's propaganda machines are true,

then they probably do not work on weekend,

so there'll be slow traffic on CD Forum on weekend !

[Isn't that one way to figure out who the heck they are?!]

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Racism was and is just another ploy to skin/exploit you, my friends


the Ugly Truth about Anglo-American-led West Invasion


"The Real Reason for Toppling Regimes in Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan"

USA/U.K invaded   Iraq MAINLY because -

- It has the largest and the last unexplored, untapped oil reserve in MiddleEast. 3/4 of Iraq territory is

   untapped and believed to have contain huge oil reserve that will last for another a good century.
   [ those oil wells in Saudi and Kuwait will dry up in less than half a century; and all of Middle-East is

   geologically explored and there's no more oil left ]

- Saddam was getting closed to signing a special trade deal with Germany and China for exclusive long

   term oil export agreement  just before US decided to invade it.

U.K, France and USA invaded   Libya MAINLY because -

- Gadafi was, like saddam, getting ready to sign an all exclusive oil pact with Germany,China and India.

U.S/U.K invaded    Afghanistan MAINLY because -

- to secure future generations nuke bomb making materials, extremely  rare minerals only left in the ground

  of that nation. Folks, this one is the utmost priority for brothercrooks; to keep the whole wide world under

  their control through the piles of nuclear arsenals. That's why they are spending nearly half a billion dollars

a day on this current war in that nation.

Can you see any real difference between the so-called  "New world Order" and "Old Colonialism"?


++  Next time, when you hear the Anglo-led West say Crook/Corrupt Regime!, you might as well want to turn that

        180 degree around and see what they are after, and find who the REAL CROOK  is?!


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Originally posted by woundedknee at 2011-8-21 21:12
White Anglo Racism towards Chinese and Asians may be based on fear factor as well

as arrogance.

    Let's look at their history;  in the past five centuries, eversince Anglo British sprun ...

thats a dumb question. white people, whether european, australia, canadian, or american are racist towards all kinds of people. look at how white people treated the native americans, by massacring them, forcing them to believe in that christianity nonsense, forcing native americans to adopt western culture by forcing them to go to boarding schools. the australians did something similar to the aborigines by nearly wiping out their entire population. then look at how whites treated the blacks by enslaving them. now since whites cant enslave blacks, their throwing them in prison. blacks take up 40% of the prison population while they make up less than 10% of the general population. then lets look at how the whites have done the arabs and muslims by labeling them as terrorists. americans were wiping their anus with the quran. there have been numerous youtube videos showing how u.s troops treat arab children. there is one video of a u.s troop talking about how he pimped out a teenage arab girl for prostitution and forced her to comit suicide. whites were racist towards jews throughout the u.s, not allowing them to buy houses in certain neighbourhoods all the way until the 1960s. youve now got several u.s states arresting people just for looking hispanic. in europe you got white people throwing peanuts at black footballers. you got the french govt paying immigrants to go back to their country. italians fingerprinting foreigners, and gypsies. you got white people doing false flag race riots in london. white people have a huge problem of blaming others for problems they created themselves. within the u.s, i can see that the u.s. is constantly blaming Chinese, hispanics, blacks, muslims for their problems, when most of these problems were created by the american capitalist elite. thinking that white people would somehow treat Chinese people fairly would be absurd.

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