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China must take its own path   [Copy link] 中文

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A handful of Westerners did create some good ideas, like science, mathematics, various technologies, and so forth: the few geniuses of the West did these things.  So, take the geniuses' genes, but reject everything else.,,,,,,,,,

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chinoamigo Post time: 2012-2-7 04:25
Super Clever  Crook Mind +  THIEVERY  =  W.E.A.L.T.H    {:soso_e113: ...


I couldn't agree more.

If U mess up with hell, your DONE ( your soul, that is) -

actually, its WELL DONE , like a good steak - burn in hell for good!

                                                          {:soso_e109:}    {:soso_e109:}    {:soso_e109:}

your on your own from then on, my friend.

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sansukong Post time: 2011-8-21 04:16
If you have no intelligent answers to offer, it is best you keep your foul mouth shut,

that at le ...

well,you are right,keep mouth shut is the best way to choose

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AmishMike Post time: 2012-2-1 00:22
United States-led Anglo Alliance has enough nuclear arsenal to wipe out all the living bei ...


    Thanks God for the fact that, poor Roman Empire didn't have an intelligence alliance like today's

global elite to keep the whole world in check, under their radars.

  Do you know that the world's most super secret, ultra sensitive intelligence

    informations are gathered and shared by among the five nations only ?

   They are -  United States, Canada, United kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

   Sound familiar?

   They are all Anglo nations - its all in the family!

[Officially, it is called Intelligence Alliance, also known as 'Five Eyes' ( for those five nations ).

NewYork Times has a revealing story about this world's most super secretive alliance on March 31, 2012.]

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I am late but allow me to agree with sansukong's first post in this topic.

If the Motherland continues on her trajectory, the world will see a new apex in the global dynamics of coexistence.  China will succeed for all nations where the US and others have failed.

Just take one feature on the US forces in Afghanistan. We ask why are they still there fighting their ex-ally the Taliban's?  Armed to the teeth with the latest techno-combat aids, they mount an attack and capture some prisoners. When interviewed, the prisoners said they had to fight because their leaders wanted them to defend their own country and so they were given guns which if they decline would cause them problems since it would have been seen as passive resistance amounting to defection from cause. So you have young american kids flying in from their rural homesteads to try and kill young taliban kids given guns which they didn't want to take. Neither side knows what it is all about.  And that is for you the present state of the US hegemony against others who don't share its way of life, something it could have shared more positively just by sharing its knowhow in a peaceful way, and not by raining death and destruction on those who just happen to disagree with its masters.

We can have a new world of peace, harmony, prosperity and development.  

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Full throttle cut-throat  Western capitalism in general demands maximum exploitation at all costs,

usually at the expense of the weak and the poor else where.

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"socialism with Chinese characteristics" = capitalism under a corrupt totalitarian regime, right?

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