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Originally posted by seneca at 2011-8-21 12:46

True, and we recorded our "looting" ourselves. Incidentally, we also returned and gave, preserved and helped restorewhat had been destroyed either by looters or by local peasants. ...

Zheng He didn't have to. He had a huge navy with him, well armed. He insisted that countries pay tribute to the Chinese emperor ... with dire threats if they refused. Most paid. Some didn't ... and you can imagine the outcome.

But he didn't claim the land for the emporor, unlike western imperialists. So that makes him a hero in the Chinese mind ... if he had taken their lands as opposed to looting by intimidation ... he would just be another imperialist from a bygone age ... and ignored by historians ... or, of course, revised by Chinese historians.

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Originally posted by exportedkiwi at 2011-8-27 11:12

NATO is invading Libya? Where's the evidence of this please? Don't you think it'd take a few more boots on the ground than the few advisors there to take and secure territory, which is what con ...

As a permament member of the security council ... China could have vetoed it. Why didn't they?

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Avoid Pitfalls / Mistakes......,


     Semi-Capitalist China is a relatively newcomer,    a new kid on the block of Capitalism, on this

tricky path full of pitfalls  ...   ...   ...   ...   .

Capitalist  such as U.S. and U.K has been on this path for as old as any Capitalism can be.

Newcomer China must not digest negative toxic stuff that Capitalist  U.S. and U.K have had half  their

stomach full. Instead China must learn from their experiences and avoid the pitfalls and mistakes.

Capitalist U.S. and U.K gained a huge advantage making through the route of    Pillage & Plunder   

Eversince the begining, Capitalist U.S. was founded upon the Pillage of the resourceful vast continental

land; extracting  extensive wealth & capital, and thus strong Capitalist ideal prospers and benefits to

this day.

Capitalist U.K was built on Plunder of the world under centuries old Colonialism; benefiting greatly while

generating enormous amount of wealth which then turned into capital, thus accumulating more wealth and


China must Not follow their tainted Pillage    Plunder way.

China must take its own path.      

(ps- more on Pillage & Plunder, please read forum topic, ' What Is Wealth? ' )

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Originally posted by dragonlover at 2011-8-27 10:47

As a permament member of the security council ... China could have vetoed it. Why didn't they?

It's a political question really and although political science IS my education, it's a little too hard to explain the way I'd like to so, I'll try this way.

1/ Yes, China is a permanant member of the UNSC, which is one reason they went along with this. They have to fold on the small stuff to get the big stuff later.

2/ China couldn't be seen to publically condone Gaddafi's actions. Not even China would dare to do such things to it's own people any more.

3/ Public opinion; even China has to pay attention to what the world says, just as it pays attention, increasingly, to it's own netizens

4/ Simple, NATO is accused of being in it for the oil. Nope, it was a UN sanctioned operation. The US, and most other NATO countries aren't already talking about "helping" Libya get the oil industry back up and running, I notice China mentions it in several publications, so, now who want's the oil?

5/ Libya is strategic. It holds a pretty damned good geographical position which can, if China so wanted to, (after establishing a "presence" while "protecting" the "workers" who were "rebuilding")  the oil facilities etc, attempt to choke the Gibralta straits, thereby denying it (the Meditterranean) to some of the more powerful navals fleets of NATO. It's also strategic because, from Libya, they can launch into Egypt and seize the Suez canal, disrupting commercial, and some naval through traffic to the Persian gulf. From Northern Libya, parts of the European coastlines, which have NATO naval bases can be struck by missiles like those aimed at Twan currerntly based in Fujian (yep, know about 'em).

6/ Strategic/Africa; China has extensive investments in Africa and Liabya could be key to resupllying those Chinese "workers" currently "working" there. Having Libya enables China to resupply via the Persian Gulf or via the straits of Gibraltar thereby deepening strategic scope of the ability of the PLAN-N and therefore, any deployable PLA forces to be sustained in any combat ops. these are hypothetical but, i nsome ways, completely plausible scenarios, should China be allowed to get a foothold there. i think China will, and that's why China didn't veto the UNSC, just said "oh no, we mustn't do that".

I'm sure I'll think of more later but this'll do for now..

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RE: China must take its own path

Just as what Mao Zedong said:

"China learned a lot from the West, but it did not work and the dreams had never come true."

He also said that the "teacher" always invaded the "student."

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China 1900: Rare photos of the nation's humiliation

Rare photos of a turning point in Chinese history: Invasion, Enslavement, Nationalism & Rebellion
FIRST NATIONS ( LAKOTA PEOPLE ) Heartbreaking - (Google Search for video) "to stay true to who you are. Never allow anyone make you different or think different about what it is you are created to be ...

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