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China must take its own path   [Copy link] 中文

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Now, the faggot-fart slime-ball parasite is claiming to be honorable. Are you putting words

into CD's mouth over your claim? Can you substantiate your claim? If you ever still possess

any self-esteem in yourself, you would be man enough to take up my challenges and settle

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find your manhood, and I know you have none of that as I know you are just such a lowly

coward! Go back to your usual hiding place and stay there for protection!

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Avoid Pitfalls..,


Semi-Capitalist China is a relatively newcomer,    a new kid on the block of Capitalism, on this tricky path full

of pitfalls  ...   ...   ...   ...   .

Capitalist  such as U.S. and U.K has been on this path for as old as any Capitalism can be.

Newcomer China must not digest negative toxic stuff that Capitalist  U.S. and U.K have had half  their

stomach full. Instead China must learn from their experiences and avoid the mistakes and pitfalls.

Capitalist U.S. and U.K gained a huge advantage making through the route of    Pillage & Plunder  

Eversince the begining, Capitalist U.S. was founded upon the Pillage of the resourceful vast continental

land; extracting  extensive wealth & capital, and thus strong Capitalist ideal prospers and benefits to

this day.

Capitalist U.K was built on Plunder of the world under centuries old Colonialism; benefiting greatly while

generating enormous amount of wealth which then turned into capital, thus accumulating more wealth and


China must Not follow their tainted Pillage   Plunder way.

China must take its own path.   

(PS -  for more on Pillage & Plunder, please go to forum topic ' What is wealth? '  )

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China box has its position on the shelf.

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Seneca is..

the WEST! That's why he thinks like that. A leopard never changes its spot.

Libya for Libyans!
Out with the invading NATO rats!

Originally posted by sansukong at 2011-8-20 09:42

What are you babbling about? Lost in words and logic? The west was and is still looting!

Look around now and look back in history.

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I guess the title is right but the same can be applied to all nations, not just China and as the world shrinks, that path all nations follow must inevitably change to one we can all walk together or we'll all perish together. It ain't rocket science really.

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Originally posted by antitheft at 2011-8-26 07:24
the WEST! That's why he thinks like that. A leopard never changes its spot.

Libya for Libyans!
Out with the invading NATO rats!

NATO is invading Libya? Where's the evidence of this please? Don't you think it'd take a few more boots on the ground than the few advisors there to take and secure territory, which is what constitutes invasion. If you mean the air campaign, that is no invasion and is UN sanctioned so, again, your point is?

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