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9/11 --- 10th Anniversary 2011 [Copy link] 中文

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US defense chief to honor 9/11 victims at memorials

Tuesday 6 September 2011.

As part of a week of events commemorating the 10th anniversary of 9/11, Panetta will fly to New York City to pay his respects at Ground Zero, where a new memorial honors those who died in the Twin Towers, Pentagon officials said.

He then heads to Shanksville, Pennsylvania, where one of the four hijacked planes on September 11, 2001 crashed into a field, after passengers overpowered the hijackers.

Panetta will see a new memorial in Shanksville that commemorates the 40 victims from United Flight 93, which had been scheduled to fly to San Francisco from Newark, New Jersey before it was hijacked.

At both sites, Panetta will be accompanied by a member of each branch of the armed forces who signed up to serve in uniform in the aftermath of the attacks, officials said.

With his one-day trip, Panetta wanted to remember those who died in the attacks and to recognize the importance of public service, particularly for those in the "9/11 generation" who joined the military, a spokesman said.

"This generation of men and women in uniform, like previous generations, have stepped forward when they needed to step forward. And the country is a better as a result," Douglas Wilson, assistant secretary of defense for public affairs, told reporters.

Four of the five troops traveling with Panetta deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan since 9/11, including Air Force Staff Sergeant Robert Gutierrez, who directed air strikes for Army special forces in Afghanistan.

Gutierrez was wounded on one of his tours and has been awarded the prestigious Bronze Star for valor, according to the Pentagon.

Officials said Panetta will be the first cabinet member to get a first-hand look at the memorials in New York and Pennsylvania, which are due to be officially unveiled on Sunday, the 10th anniversary of the attacks.

The defense chief will also attend events this week in remembrance of those killed at the Pentagon ten years ago, when a hijacked plane struck the enormous Defense Department headquarters shortly after two other hijacked airliners slammed into the Twin Towers in Manhattan.

The September 11 attacks killed 2,977 people.

The vast majority of those killed, 2,753, were in New York, while 184 people died at the Pentagon and another 40 at Shanksville.

Those figures exclude the 19 hijackers.

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Weary Americans to honor 9/11 dead

Wednesday 7 September 2011.

A weary United States this Sunday marks the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks -- and looks to move on -- with ceremonies attended by President Barack Obama and his predecessor George W. Bush at the site of the destroyed Twin Towers.

The annual rituals in New York, at the Pentagon, and at the site of Flight 93's crash in Pennsylvania will have an especially deep resonance as the country reflects on a decade of fear at home and war abroad, all triggered by the surprise attacks of September 11, 2001 in which nearly 3,000 people died.

At the center of Sunday's events will be the reading of victims' names at Ground Zero, attended by victims' family members, Obama, Bush, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and the governors of New York and New Jersey.

But this is a truly national occasion in a country where, according to a poll last week, 97 percent of people remember where they were when they heard the news, putting 9/11 on a par with John F. Kennedy's assassination.

At Ground Zero, the somber litany will take place against a backdrop of impressive progress in rebuilding the World Trade Center, which collapsed in a fiery, toxic heap after being struck by two hijacked airliners.

Sunday will also see the opening of a national 9/11 memorial, consisting of two huge square fountains dug into the footprints of the old Twin Towers.

Behind the memorial, the centerpiece of a massive new office complex, One World Trade Center, is steadily rising toward the planned 104 floors that will make it the country's tallest building.

That rebirth of lower Manhattan, where the vast hole at Ground Zero for years symbolized a broader lack of closure, will lend a note of optimism to proceedings.

"New York has come roaring back faster than anyone thought possible," Bloomberg said Tuesday, calling lower Manhattan's revival "one of the greatest comeback stories in American history."

Americans will pause at the decade mark with some satisfaction too that the mastermind of 9/11, Al-Qaeda founder Osama bin Laden, was killed in Pakistan in a dramatic raid by US Navy SEALs four months ago.

But while Al-Qaeda is severely weakened, New York is recovering, and the attacks are fading into history, the anniversary will also find a nation still reeling from the longer-term impacts of the last decade.

In Afghanistan, troops remain bogged down in a seemingly unwinnable war against a Taliban enemy few Americans understand.

And although US troops have a much reduced presence in Iraq, their invasion and occupation of the country, unleashing vicious inter-Iraqi violence and marred by the Abu Ghraib torture scandal, has bled the weakened US economy and undermined Washington's credibility abroad.

With Americans now focused on the twin perils of economic decline and Republican-Democrat gridlock in Congress, 9/11 and terrorism seem increasingly distant.

The loss of more than 6,200 US soldiers in wars launched by Bush, the hundreds of slain allied troops, and the deaths of tens of thousands of Afghan, Pakistani and Iraqi civilians, barely get a mention in the political discourse 14 months ahead of the presidential election.

But Sunday at least will mark a carefully stage-managed and solemn moment of unity in the increasingly polarized nation.

In addition to visiting New York, Obama will pay respects at the Pentagon, and in Shanksville, Pennsylvania where one of the four hijacked planes fell into a field, apparently after passengers overpowered the assailants.

The president will also take part in an interfaith concert at Washington's National Cathedral featuring mezzo-soprano Denyce Graves, country singer Alan Jackson, and R&B soul diva Patti LaBelle.

The 9/11 attacks left 2,977 people dead.

The vast majority of those killed, 2,753, were in New York, while 184 people died at the Pentagon and another 40 at Shanksville.

Those figures exclude the 19 hijackers.

While a vast new security apparatus within the United States has managed to prevent any major terrorist attack since on American soil, the country is again on alert during the anniversary.

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said there was "no specific" threat but "we remain at a heightened state of vigilance."

A poll by Pew last week found general satisfaction with US internal security -- exposed as woefully inadequate prior to 9/11 -- but 35 percent of people questioned said luck was the reason America had so far been spared another attack.

Bloomberg said Tuesday that companies locating in the new World Trade Center knew "that the area would remain a terrorist target, but they refused to live in fear and they knew that New York has the finest police department in the world."

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Inside Job

The last two cut and paste posts are tiresome regurgitation of lies and sh1t.The fact is that 9/11 was the
most spectacular of a string of false flag black ops perpetrated by the Anglo Zionist led New World Order.

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The 9/11 Mural Van: Rabbit Hole or Memory Hole?

As the 9/11 story has unfolded, it has offered us intrigue after intrigue. The course of the truth movement has taken many turns in the last ten years, with waves of truth and disinformation shaping the debate. Along the way, it’s been interesting to watch which stories stuck around, and which stories faded away.

The story of the 9/11 Mural Van appears to be fading away – or perhaps it is being pushed down the memory hole. It is one of the most intriguing mysteries of that day.

The only official account of the Mural Van is in the Mineta Transportation Institute’s “Saving City Lifelines: Lessons Learned in the 9-11 Terrorist Attacks” document ... nts/ which says: ... ole-or-memory-hole/

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US involved in 9/11 attacks: Iran cmdr.

Sat Sep 10, 2011 8:2AM GMT

Deputy Head of Iran's Armed Forces Joint Chiefs of Staff Brigadier General Massoud Jazayeri
A senior Iranian commander says there is much evidence on hand that implicates the US government and the global capitalist systems in the 9/11 terror attacks in New York and Washington, D.C.

Deputy Head of Iran's Armed Forces Joint Chiefs of Staff Brigadier General Massoud Jazayeri made the remark on the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

He said that the influence of the Zionist-sponsored Western media has, however, impeded the prosecution of US officials, adding that such media outlets do not allow American people to learn the “painful, hidden facts” about the US establishment.

The evidence suggests that the US administration in 2001 needed to generate a “big global shock” in order to set the ground for creating a “unipolar world” and to establish “absolute authority” over the globe.

He added that the US used the 9/11 attacks as a sentimental tool to pursue its hegemonic objectives with the establishment of a new Middle East on top of its goals.

By planning the 9/11 incident, the US and the world Zionism were seeking to create geographical, political and cultural changes to the world in a bid to ensure dominance over the most strategic region of the world, the Middle East, for at least the next 100 years, Jazayeri pointed out.

The top Iranian commander criticized US efforts to conceal the facts pertaining to the incident and said, the question remains as to why the US has failed to shed light on different aspects of the attacks but instead plays a blame game by portraying Muslim countries as terrorists through widespread propaganda.

He said that spreading Islamophobia was the main objective of hegemonic powers, reiterating that the US planned the 9/11 attacks to depict a negative image of Islam and to stop the spread of the religion as liberal democracy was already on the verge of collapse.

Jazayeri pointed out that the 9/11 incident, which was described by the media as the super incident, could provide an excuse for the US to pursue its objectives.

He further noted that shortly after the incident the media pointed the finger of blame at Muslims although no immediate speculation was possible at the time.

Jazayeri said that the US had to accept the fact that the era of its supremacy has come to an end and that the divine school of thought would soon replace materialist schools.
No Virgin Girl in America

American can not live without SEX.

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Originally posted by St_George at 2011-9-3 15:27
Any remaining doubts i had about 9/11 were dispelled by a BBC docu this week.  The families of the deceased are naturally the most upset by these conspiracy nutters.

I lost family 911 and your response is repulsive to us as we mourn our losses.

Did you find out how the BBC "nutters" were able to report the collapse of Building 7, twenty seven minutes before it happened?

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