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Chinese courier was beaten by a foreign guy due to his glance at the guy's wife [Copy link] 中文

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Kinda goes against the traditional image of the romantic Chinese guy some people love to spew about:

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Originally posted by Mihou at 2011-8-2 14:02
Kinda goes against the traditional image of the romantic Chinese guy some people love to spew about:

Westerners have higher crime rate than China even though Westerners have stolen more international wealth than China for the past 500 years!

Westerners "beat" China in divorce rate, rape rate, murder rate, spousal abuse rate, porn and prostitution, debt economics, stealing, assaults, and sexual harassment in Western domestic and military communities!


Hollywood says Western men the best, but that is only propaganda. Western men lost Princess Diana to a Muslim Middle Eastern man! White gold diggers, white prostitutes, white party girls and sluts chase after big black pen*ses in sports, acting, and singing! Even white men cannot handle big black pen*ses in prison and sports teams.

OJ Simpson, Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, Ice T, Dennis Rodman, Kobe Bryant, etc. In Europe it's the same! KKK and Nazis can't stop  slutty white lust for big black pen*ses!

Even respectable white women realize the truth about Western movies and shows about overrated Western men. Prince Charles wealth, fame, and power cannot stop his wife Princess Diana from chasing after Muslim Middle Eastern man!  

Whites worship big pen*ses so whites also love their dogs, horses, and farm animals!

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Western men pretended to be lesbian women oppressed in the Middle East.

Western men create lots of propaganda of oppressed Asian women, oppressed Eastern European women, oppressed Latin American women.

Western men say solution is to be saved by Western men! Hahahaha. Westerners tell lies nonstop during their free time and on their billion dollar news, movies, and TV shows.

Western men molest and rape African women in the past during slavery and even today: Strauss Kahn. Then they accuse the rape victim of being a liar! Western media and Western courts protect the Western criminal and say this is real justice hope for the world.

Western secret prisons around the world rape and torture and murder Muslims! They Western military, Western leaders, and Western media says the secret prisons are for justice and liberation!

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