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Chinese courier was beaten by a foreign guy due to his glance at the guy's wife [Copy link] 中文

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My friend was recently attacked by 10 Chinese guys . Why? Because he asked one of them for a light.

It happens both ways, get over ... [/quote]

why your friend was attacked?  10 guys?  They're hooligans.

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hey Qcumber head

Originally posted by Honorable Q at 2011-7-27 11:35

Haha. Western lies from Western liar. Typical.

Western crime rate in domestic and international locations are much higher than East Asian crime rates.

The real terrorists are the West. G ...

I was in a bus and

i witnessed one Chinese guy beating the gf very badly in the street

the worse was MANY people were watching around the sidewalk and cars stopped to watch and

NOBODY do something to stop that guy

that is a shame

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Originally posted by Honorable Q at 2011-7-28 10:47

seneca aka sin-a-kid is angry because he can't find a child to molest with his friends who call themselves Holy priests, spiritual preachers, and sacred rabbis.

Then he turns on TV and find ...

I wouldn't doubt bad things happening to foreigners in China but to tar us all with the same brush is wrong. There are foreigners from many different countries in China now and there will be more so it's China's responsibility to ensure their safety, as it other countries responsibility to do the same in their countries. Sometimes, these things happen but it doesn't excuse the action(s) of one or a group.
i witnessed an incident some years ago in Jilin where a foreigner was set upon, and stabbed. I didn't stand around and watch either, I helped the foreigner. The local police were very grateful too, because the foreigner might have died if I hadn't and that would've caused a headache for the local police bureau.
It all comes down to knowledge and respect. Knowledge and respect of different customs and cultures.
It has nothing to do with western propaganda at all!

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Originally posted by Jackie456 at 2011-7-25 13:51
They can wear like this.

i want plaid-just kidding

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Originally posted by Honorable Q at 2011-7-26 12:37
Chinese shouldn't allow foreign savages into China....


What about the savages already in China ?

(eg corrupt CCP officials who suck the life out of local communities to line their own pockets)
"他不是救星, 他是一个非常淘气男孩" - Monty Python

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Originally posted by Chegsyboy at 2011-7-26 11:47

Yeah, that's the kind of tolerance we need to adopt.

My friend was recently attacked by 10 Chinese guys . Why? Because he asked one of them for a light.

It happens both ways, get over ...

you are right. its happening everywhere. i had same problem last month, when i was walking on the road with my friend, and one girl was standing on road, wheni passed nearby her, she ran away, i didn't realised but two people came from behind and started saying something in chinese. i said what's wrong with you, then he tried to kick me and i did same in reply.
meanwhile they called the police and we went to police station. but the chinese policemen were saying its my fault and i did something wrong with that girl and as i', employed by University, so i called my university teacher. when he came and we started conversation with police, those people, everyperson including police was saying to me except my university teacher. and because she is chinese, she realised they all doing this for money, and in the end they asked me to pay one thousand RMB or they will put a case against me.
after my refufuse to pay, the police man said we are going to cancel your visa.  in the end teacher paid 400 yuan to them and we went back home.

so i advice you guys, please beaware of your surrounding when you are walking on roads or travelling on buses or trains.

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