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Britain says no to Greece, right or wrong? [Copy link] 中文

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Cameron: We won't bail out Greece

Prime Minister David Cameron said he 'absolutely' did not think the UK should contribute towards a potential Greek bailout
David Cameron has promised to fight "very hard" in Brussels to ensure the British taxpayer does not shoulder any of the cost of a European bailout of Greece.

The Prime Minister said he "absolutely" did not think the UK should contribute towards a possible 12 billion euro (£10.6bn) package for the ailing eurozone country.

He would be taking that message to fellow European Union leaders when they gather in Brussels later this week, he added. Mr Cameron was speaking at a conference for chief executives organised by The Times newspaper.

Asked whether Britain could afford to help the bailout, Mr Cameron said: "I absolutely don't believe we should. I don't believe that we will and I shall be fighting very hard to achieve that at the European Council this week."

EU finance ministers are refusing to hand the Greek government a second bailout package of 12 billion euro unless it agrees to implement a 28-billion euro (£24.8bn) set of austerity measures which include tax increases and massive spending cuts.

Finance ministers meeting in Luxembourg put off until July 3 a final decision on the loan instalment, without which Athens would be forced to default on its debts.

Downing Street has said Britain has not been asked to contribute towards the latest bailout, which is expected to involve only the 17 members of the eurozone.

However Treasury Financial Secretary Mark Hoban told MPs that the burden of supporting Greece may have to be shared by the International Monetary Fund, of which the UK is a major shareholder with a total subscription of £19.7 billion.

The crisis in Greece has prompted forecasts of the European single currency's demise, with former foreign secretary Jack Straw warning that the euro "cannot last". He urged ministers to prepare Britain for "alternatives" to the European single currency.

Mr Straw told the Commons that the UK's potential exposure to Greek debt, including of private banks, totalled £8 billion. The Government needed to recognise the "mood change" in Europe, with former europhiles "contemplating the end of the euro as we know it", he said.

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Damn right.

Why should we subsidise a bunch of farmers with 2 goats and an olive tree each? If they can't look after themselves, why should we pay for them? They're lazy and corrupt and don't pay their taxes. Let 'em rot!

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well, no easy solution here

the political ramifications are potentially the loss of democracy and the sale of assets to unsavoury 3rd parties

on the bright side, we might get an influx of greeks in Australia - we need to balance things up a bit here
(beast ex machina)

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Since EU was once agaain too woozy to make any conditions on the bail out of these freaks to safeguard a payback such as collateral or souvereignity intrusions, I'd suggest a millitary coup there in case they keep on screwing it up

    - a coup by the turkish army.
您买象牙 - 您杀了大象! - “用现代文明标准比划中国人,是严重的种族歧视行为。”
„Ich ficke wo, wen, und wann ich will, hast du mich verstanden. Auch du könntest ficken, aber du kannst es ja gar nicht, deine deutsche Genauigkeit... verbietet es dir“. Jean-Claude Juncker

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Stuff Greece, why should we keep on stumping up for these freeloading tax-evading fraudsters ?  YES we contributed to the bail outs thru the IMF even though we're not in the Euro but enough is enough.

Some pundits are predicting the demise of the Euro at least as we know it in the not too distant future.  The Greeks either should accept austerity measures and quick or be booted out and left to fend for themselves.

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Don't know what those Greeks will do if they feel abandoned

I think they exemplify the problems of the masses voting themselves a free lunch

Good call on the Turks
(beast ex machina)

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The banksters need their pound of flesh.Would the Greeks be able to balance their budget if they left NATO
and stopped buying arms ?

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