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Is the death penalty for murderers a good law or a bad law? [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by Chegsyboy at 2011-7-12 13:47
Calling for murder in the name of the law is no better than murdering. Same mentality. Murder is acceptable to both, therefore both are equally "good" or "bad" depending on which side of the fence you position yourself.  

I am on the side of innocent people who are threaten by those who have no respect for other peope's lives.

The key is :

Churchill didnt have choice, therefore his decision was acceptable, even now.

I dont understand your argument, and I dont know how and why you ignored this key reason for his decision.

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My opinion is:Murder innocent people is unpardonable,those who commit such a crime must pay his own life for the casualty.

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Originally posted by seneca at 2011-7-12 21:40

Sometimes I don't even need to make extra efforts to understand you:This post is perfectly in line with my own thoughts.

But we do come to diametrically divergent conclusions.
Youseem ...


It is because of the different approach by westerners and by Chinese.

Chinese are not thrilled by perfectness, Westerners always fight for perfectness.

Such altitude is extremely beneficial when you approach science, or something that is ruled by logic. Chinese had realized lot of science suffs but never did they try to dig deep until last several decade, because of the influence from west. You can also see that in constitution, laws, etc, westerners want to write laws in such a way that you can find answer or solution on the law book. I am sure that the if you put all the laws in US together, and you step on those books, you can reach the moon.

(In my opinion) but this is not a good way to understand human society. For example, suppose you have been to a chinese restaurant 3 times and every time you order Kung Pao Chicken,  no body can say the next time you will order kung Pao Chicken, even you have ordered 100 times, still nobody is sure about what you will order 101th time. So there is no such rule that says "seneca will order Kung Pao Chicken",  in general for most people, what they do depend on the the certain situation at that time. There are so many factors about human beings that are not ruled by logic.

As Human society are not ruled by logic, perfectness is impossible, we must accept its flawness. Therefore, nothing about human beings is absolute, including morality.

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Originally posted by seneca at 2011-7-14 09:02
81: You summed it up pretty tight and fast, buddy, now just stick to it and be consistent:

Nobody is perfect, right?

Hence nobody has the right to kill anybody.


Where do you think Churchill is now, Heaven or Hell ?

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my opion

i think it's a good law, dead peantly could deter the offender, prevent  more similar  situation occur again.

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Well ..............

I just watched a programme where children as you as 7 years old were being used in the sex trade .........

And it reinforced my opinion that I personally want the death penalty for the perpetrators of this  .......

When you step so far outside of humanity that you would make profit from this vile and disgusting commerce ...........

Then your life is already pointless and forfeit  ..........

Goodbye vile scum where is that rope   ................      

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You should be an activitist against any modern traffic method, especially cars, because car accidents kill 1 million people each year.

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