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OBL's Death -- Did it Happen the way the Anglos Said? [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by smithsmith at 4-5-2011 08:00
At least, if Osama is really dead, we need to be carefully, very very carefully, because this people is very angry now.
Mr. Smith.

there will no doubt be some sudden knee jerk reactions - but nothing serious for a while - UbL was little more than a figure head for al Qa-ida as was shown immediately after WTC/911 event - his immediate interview clearly showed that he was completely puzzled over the identity of those supposedly involved - he could have gained massive support if he had claimed the planning and had ordered the event but he said he did not - he had no reason to deny it if he had done it but he was completely puzzled by it.

of course over time the US agencies put together a lot of composite video trying to make it look like UbL said he did it but all of that was proven to be fake.

in the single most elevating event that any leader could have in a war against another UbL did not claim it - and that is one of the most baffling pieces of the puzzle unless we accept that the event was staged by some persons other than al Qa-ida and used to build a false case for a crusade against the islamic world - a crusade that now has lost its roots in the massive bloodshed that has taken place and the formation of a real Islamic army of recruits forged from the sons of those innocents already killed.

the war will be self sustaining now that enough killing has been done to create a long list of potential recruits to take up arms - UbL can fade into history and the crusade will emerge not as a war on terror but a war of christains against muslims - both sides fighting for their survival and the conflict concealing the real intentions of the zionist criminals behind it.
Man created god before god created man and the world has been in turmoil ever since. Dots freak some people out - so they join them with lines that aren't really there.

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Profit,in my personal views.

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The legend of OBL has been nurtured by the Anglo Zionist NWO for at least 17 years as far as I remember.
Many sheeple were proud of the fact that they thought of OBL when the towers were nuked,even before the
media talking heads uttered the dreaded name.The propaganda mills must be so proud of the way they keep
fooling the sheeple.

Does anyone have the words of  The Who's "Won't get fooled again" ?

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What's next?

Now that OBL is officially gone, who will the U.S. choose as its new bete noir?

After all, recent history suggests that there's no limit to the bloodlust of the bankrupt erstwhile "superpower" and its war addiction.

Pakistan, Iran, China?

China should hasten its selling of U.S. trash bonds and beef up its defences, and watch the U.S. crumble into a cesspit of its own making. Only then will the dumbed-down Anglos understand what they've done, and what they can't do.

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Many people are celebrating, but I think it would be unwise to celebrate the death of someone who led a radical group like Al Qaeda, is like playing with fire, they are extremists and it is obvious that react now seeks revenge for killing their leader and particularly for failing to bury his body, besides the death of Osama not all that said, unfortunately this war is going and what is worse, I think this would be as a catalyst.
Glopis  ^o^

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Originally posted by mechanic at 2011-5-2 17:48
Apparently, Osama was killed and buried within hours!

OBL has been dead for some time already-kidney failure.

No need for us to waste time on this latest yank circus act.

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Reply #63 Bilbo Baggins's post

why don't you cut your own head off, Islamic radical nut0case

the Middle Easterners are fed up with your ugly, nasty trashy filthy insane warring lunacy, didm't you know?

Iran is going down by the hand of its own very pissed off population

the days of the cave-man's rule is ending!
The Brotherhood of Knights of the Mystic Sea

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