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Tibetans should be treated like American Indians [Copy link] 中文

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China should follow the shining example of Amerika.

In Amerika,  the Indians have been forced to learn English and to assimilate into American society.

China should force the Tibetans to learn Chinese and to assimilate into Chinese society.

Learn to speak proper Chinese!

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Assimilation vs. Respect

I guess I believe in assimilation.  Just for the fact that people get left behind without it.  Look at the roma of europe.  Where there have been concentrated efforts to assimilate them, it's worked.  People were educated and could gain positions of respect in society.  And without that - how can they truly compete?  Who looks after their rights if no one is working within the system?  The roma that has not been integrated, still live as they did centuries ago.  No progress and they are kicked around by the majority population.

As for the native americans, they knew it was in their best interest to learn english and to learn 'the white man's ways' in order to be competitive.  

From a logical perspective, assimilation is smart.  From an emotional aspect, it's crushing.

So what do you do?

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I think Tibetens should learn both languages and both cultures. So that they can communicate with Han and develop their oen culture at the same time. Communiacation will buil a bridge.

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Originally posted by khonchin at 2011-4-17 15:20
T!betans should be treated like American Indians

Right, so China, in the 21st century, should behave like the American wild west 200 years ago ?

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"他不是救星, 他是一个非常淘气男孩" - Monty Python

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Originally posted by seneca at 2011-4-19 08:20
Assimilation is nothing short of culturalgenocide. ...

I disagree.  

Cultures are not usually stagnant.  They evolve and grow.  Elements of our culture from a hundred years ago, are no longer supported.  That is how people grow and evolve.

The cultural revolution in china - was that cultural genocide?  Are people any less chinese than they were before?

Are native americans not real native americans unless they have feathers in their hair?

Culture is not stagnant - it always changes and evolves.

Without assimilation, groups just get left behind and isolated.  This leads to racism and discrimination.  Look at your own opinion of the roma.  It's horrible - as if they are not even people.  Why can't they also be doctors, lawyers and politicians?  Why can't they get the same education and reap the benefits of a more advanced society?  Why cut them out over a false feeling of 'respect'?

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The Chinese can not morally debase to the point of giving the same treatment to its minorities as the Americans gave to Native Americans or the British gave to the Aborigines.

Enough genocide! It's not natural of the Chinese culture unlike the Western culture's background!

Indeed, if the relationship China-Tibet is not better, it’s just due to political activists inflated by the West to try achieving to meddle into China’s internal political environment.

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